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Educational Guidance and Social Counseling

The ProRef program at Europa-Universität Flensburg offers its participants individual educational counseling on studies and careers as well as study, career and social counseling. After successful completion of the ProRef program, further studying guidance is also offered.

Educational guidance

Educational Guidance

In an individual educational guidance session, based on their previous biography and current opportunities ProRef participants can define their personal educational goals. In this way, an educational plan can be outlined during the program and the necessary steps can be planned.

Study planning

Study planning

Study Planning is the formal process of preparing to enter university after completing the ProRef program. At this stage the application requirements for the chosen field of study are discussed. If necessary, relevant academic advisor or study program coordinator can be contacted. The financing of studies (BAföG) or the search for a scholarship is prepared.

Study guidance

Study guidance

Even during their subsequent academic studies at the EUF, ProRef counseling is available to former ProRef participants and students with a refugee background for questions and regular reflection on the success of their studies.

Social Counseling

Social Counseling

Counseling supports with all social questions, e.g.

In the case of a need to move to Schleswig-Holstein or Flensburg to participate in the ProRef program, the counseling provides support in the relocation process, gives tips on finding housing and assists in contacting property owners. A reallocation application (Umverteilungsantrag) or the removal of a residence requirement (Wohnsitzauflage) may be necessary, depending on the residence status (Aufenthaltsstatus).

Participation in the ProRef program is free of charge. The financing of living expenses, including rent, must be secured by the participants themselves. According to individual agreements, previous benefit providers like Jobcenter may continue to pay all benefits due to the participant’s guest student status at EUF. The counseling service assists with all questions regarding Jobcenter, social welfare office (Sozialamt), immigration office (Einwanderungsbüro) or housing subsidy (Wohngeld) etc.

If childcare is required for ProRef participation, the counseling service provides guidance in finding the ideal form of childcare as well as helping to make the necessary applications.

During the counseling process, any health-related questions can be dealt with as well. Stress management and mentally preparing for the exam is part of the program. If needed, the counseling office can aid in finding medical care.

Contact & office hours

Contact and office hours

Ute Boesche-Seefeldt is the contact person for all questions regarding educational counseling and social issues. Individual consultation hours by appointment.

Ute Boesche-Seefeldt

Educational Guidance and Social Counseling

+49 461 805 2667
VG 119
Nordstr. 2
Post code / City
24937 Flensburg
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Guide: Education and Social Affairs

For an simple overview of the area of education and social services, our printable guide is available.

Address & directions

Office hours on campus in OSL 348 is here!

Office hours by individual arrangement in the Versatel building.