English Course

The ProRef program at Europa-Universität Flensburg offers its participants English language courses at B2 level.

The English language course is divided into various sections: language and key competence lessons, exam preparation, and individual learning counselling.


Program 2024

Our next course round starts December 1st, 2024!

  • English B2 course (16 per week/ part-time) Aim: B2 certificate

Program content: Language lessons, acquisition of key competences (e.g. cultural competence, method competence, etc.) and language exam preparation

Teaching format: Courses consist of weekly face-to-face online lessons plus several in person lessons on our campus in Flensburg

Language Courses

Language courses at ProRef are academically oriented and provide the necessary preparation for studies at a German university. We offer language classes at B2 level and provide participants with up-to-date textbooks free of charge.

Lessons take place in an online format, using WebEx video conferencing application.

Our lessons mainly take place in the mornings and early afternoons, in order to help our participants maintain a balance between family life and their academic preparation.

As part of academic preparation we use Moodle, an online learning platform. Course participants learn to work on and submit assignments independently via Moodle.

Exam Preparation

Exam preparation is a regular part of the language course and is divided into the 4 basic skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking. Participants will be provided with the necessary exam preparation material later on in the course.

The exam preparation also includes several practice tests, which help students with time management as well as give them practice in exam-like conditions.

At the end of the course, we offer participants a B2 level language examination, which is free of charge for eligible ProRef participants.

Key Competences

The ProRef program offers key competence courses to prepare students for their academic studies in Germany. These lessons are offered once per course round.

Courses include the following Competences:

Students learn how to use various functions of a laptop or various programs and applications for studying and learning, as well as how to write formal/ informal emails.

Method competence is mainly concerned with vocabulary and learning techniques, including study methods for language examinations.

Cultural competence is all about studying with people from other cultures to enhance each individual’s learning experience and also provides information about academic culture in Germany.

The main focus of this module is on time management and self-organization, especially in an academic context.

Language Learning Counselling

English teachers at ProRef offer language learning consultations to give each participant individual advice for their own learning. Learning behaviour is analysed and tips are given on how to deal with learning difficulties.

The teaching team may invite a participant for a language learning consultation session, which typically lasts around 20 - 30 minutes. However, participants may also request a consultation if they require advice and tips for their language needs.


Admission requirements for all courses are as follows:

  • B1 level language skills and
  • University entrance qualification and
  • Proof of refugee background and
  • Desire to study at a university

Europa-Universität Flensburg would particularly like to encourage qualified women to apply. Europa-Universität Flensburg strives for a balanced gender ratio in all language courses for refugees who are eligible to study.

Applications will only be accepted if they are submitted via our online application portal with all required documents.

Online application


Download the ProRef flyer (PDF)

You can find the flyer for our English course here.