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Dear alumni, dear participants, dear interested parties,

Program for the Academic Preparation and Integration of Refugees (ProRef) at Europa-Universität Flensburg was established in 2016.

Since then, more than 300 people from over 13 countries have participated in our program and prepared for university studies.

Alumni can connect, reconnect and exchange ideas here. They can give encouragement to refugees interested in studying and give new impetus to current participants. This platform is meant to connect us and remember our stories.

On the following pages you will find insights into the program, our events and contact information.

Have fun browsing and remembering.

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Our alumni

Quotes of some of our Alumni!

We call it success stories: a new way into studies!

Here we introduce you to ProRef alumni who fled to Germany, acquired the language skills they lacked through the ProRef program, and then began or have already finished their studies.

Yasin Dönmez

Participating in this project (ProRef) in the first year I came to Germany not only gave me the opportunity to learn languages from very competent teachers, but also helped me observe, understand and experience everyday life, culture and the university environment in Germany. It also made it easier to overcome language shock.

(Start of studies: 2023 / TH Lübeck)

Emad Al-Sharafi

What I liked most about the ProRef German course was that we wrote several practice exams to prepare for the final exam. Moreover, the teachers were very patient and always ready to answer questions.

(Degree 2023: M.A. International Management Studies/EUF)

Wan Issa

The ProRef Program was for me an intercultural experience that has several advantages. For example, in this context it is not only about learning a language, but also you learn about many cultures and study programs at EUF.

(Degree 2023: B.A. European Cultures and Society/EUF)

Nematullah Naeemi

The ProRef program at the Europa-Universität Flensburg has made a lasting difference in my life, as it has enabled not only me, but also hundreds of young people to start an academic life in Germany. As an outstanding preparatory program, ProRef has a dedicated team that teaches participants professionally and provides support when needed. Overall, the program is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for successful study.

(Degree 2023: M.A. International Studies /EUF)

Mohammad Al Abdullah

I was impressed by how well organized and structured the program is. Moreover, every detail has been thought of. The teachers and student assistants are very friendly and helpful.

(Degree 2022: M.A. European Studies I Degree 2020: B.A. European Cultures and Society /EUF)

Afaf Wakef

Participating in this program was a big step for me personally towards my goals. The content of the lessons meets my language needs exactly. The teachers are very helpful, even after the class ends they show a willingness to help me. Both the regular tests and the academic writing were the most suitable for me at that time.

(Degree 2023: MA Culture-Language-Media / EUF)

Abdulrazzak Alali

ProRef was a big leap forward for me. In addition to improving my German language skills, the program also gave me an insight into German society and culture and helped me to better understand life here in Germany. I especially liked the positive atmosphere during classes and other events. The lecturers were very friendly and helpful and the extracurricular social and cultural activities helped to build a family atmosphere. Overall, it was a nice experience that I remember fondly even after all these years, and I feel a kind of nostalgia towards the time I spent on campus.(Degree 2024: BA Education / Universität Hamburg)

Bashir Ahmad Sarwari

As a ProRef participant, I was not only able to improve my language skills quickly, but I also really appreciated the diversity of nationalities and cultures in the course. Learning together with people from different countries and learning from each other was a great experience. The lessons in ProRef were designed in different ways depending on the needs and goals of the participants, e.g. as an intensive language course, topic-based, interactive and practically also as individual support, In addition, many extracurricular activities were organized such as game night, barbecue night, cinema. (Degree 2023: BA Media Information Technology/Hochschule Flensburg)

Amer Naji

In my opinion, participating in the ProRef program was a great change in my academic career, it opened horizons and gave me a better future. Also, through this program I was able to learn about German culture, which deepened and broadened my integration into German culture. (Degree 2023: BA European Cultures and Society/EUF)

Qais Hatefi

For me, the beginning of any project is the most difficult phase. Studying in a new country is also a big project. The ProRef team has been like a mentor for me, opening a window to see my studies more clearly and to better understand what to expect. Also, through the ProRef courses, I have reinforced the tools I need as well as the language and knowledge of the academic culture and bureaucracy. I am grateful for the opportunity and happy to be part of this great community. (Degree: B.A. European Cultures and Society/EUF)

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