After Your Arrival in Flensburg

As an international student, you must complete the following 5 steps upon your arrival in Flensburg (if you haven’t already):

  • Register your local address at the city hall
  • Open a bank account
  • Get health insurance
  • Enroll as a student
  • Apply for a change of residence permit (if necessary)


Register at the Flensburg City Hall

As soon as you arrive in Flensburg, you will need to register your local residence at the city hall (Bürgerbüro).

Required Documents:

  • Certificate of enrollment or letter of admission to EUF (Zulassungsbescheid)
  • Identity card (if you are an EU citizen) or passport
  • Certificate from your landlord or person providing accommodation confirming your local address (Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung

Bank Account

Bank Account

If you don't have a bank account that allows you to withdraw cash and make transfers for free in Germany, you will need to make an appointment at a bank to open a German account. If you already have a blocked account (Sperrkonto), you will need to activate it.

Please note:

Opening a bank account in Germany can sometimes take a few days or weeks. Be sure to bring enough cash for the first few weeks.

Open a checking account

To apply for a checking account (Girokonto) at a bank in Germany, you will need to bring the following documents:

  • Passport (containing a visa that is valid for at least 3 months)
  • Letter of admission from EUF or proof of enrollment here
  • Your rental contract
  • Personal identification number/tax number (received 2-4 weeks after the address registration in city hall)

Open and activate a Sperrkonto (blocked account)

To apply for a visa, you must submit proof that you have sufficient funds to support yourself. One option is to open a blocked account containing the required amount of funding. You can open a blocked account with the following providers, among others:

You will need to active your blocked account once you arrive in Germany.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

In Germany, all students aged 30 and younger must have public health insurance. This costs about 109 euros per month.

Foreign students who are over the age of 30 should take out private health insurance.

If you are a student from a country that has a bilateral social security agreement with Germany and you already have sufficient health insurance coverage in your home country, you are exempt from the health insurance requirement and you will be automatically covered under the German public health insurance for the duration of your stay in here. In order to get the exemption, within three months of your arrival, you must present the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued in your home country, a certificate of exemption from public health insurance or other proof of health insurance (in English or German) If you fail to do so, you will lose the right to enroll at the university.

Applying for health insurance

These documents are required to apply for health insurance in Germany:

  • Passport
  • Letter of admission from EUF or certificate of enrollment
  • Bank account
  • Address in Flensburg
  • Passport photo

Exemption from mandatory public health insurance

If you have foreign health insurance coverage that is valid in Germany (such as the European Health Insurance Card or a private health insurance policy from your home country), you may be exempt from the public health insurance requirement. You can check this by submitting your original insurance documents (in English or German) to a public health insurance company in Germany to request a certificate of exemption from mandatory insurance. Such a certificate can only be issued by a public health insurance company in Germany.

Insurance provider Insurance provider Address Contact details
AOK Versicherung Bianca Matthiesen Heinrichstraße 21
24937 Flensburg

Tel.: 0461 867 5271


BARMER Versicherung Hannah-Yasmina Ferhat Rathausplatz 15
24937 Flensburg

Tel.: 0800 333 10 10

DAK Versicherung, works with Fintiba   Angelburger Str. 31,  24937 Flensburg

Tel.: 0461 807 9180


Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). Works with Expatrio. Simon Petersen Ballastkai 9 24937 Flensburg

Tel.: 040 4606 5101 160

Handy: 0151 1683 7773



Online application in English:

Insurance provider Contact person Address Contact details
Care Concept Arno Künstler Am Herz-Jesu-Kloster 20
53229 Bonn

Tel. 037327 299856


Debeka   Ferdinand-Sauerbruch-Straße 18 
56073 Koblenz 
Tel.: 0261 4980 
VELA- eine Marke der UNION Versicherungsdienst GmbH   Ecclesiastraße 1-4
32758 Detmold

Tel.: +49 5231 603-6390


DR-WALTER – Specialist for academic travel abroad Nancy Kannenberg Eisenerzstr. 34 53819 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid

Tel.: +49 2247 9194-850


Doctor Visits

Finding a Doctor

In Germany, people with health insurance are generally free to choose their own doctors. Below is a list of doctors who speak English (as of June 2021).


Am Fördeufer 1B - 2. OG
24944 Flensburg
Telefon 0461 32911


Holm 13
24937 Flensburg
Telefon 0461 24499


Südermarkt 9 
24937 Flensburg  - Altstadt
Telefon 0461 1824333


Am Pferdewasser 6
24937 Flensburg
Telefon 0461 29772


Fördestr. 54
24944 Flensburg
Telefon 0461 37177


Friesische Straße 3
24937 Flensburg
Telefon 0461 22 419


Apenrader Straße 10
24939 Flensburg
Telefon 0461 4041


Große Straße 77
24937 Flensburg
Telefon 0461 25695


Große Str. 36
24937 Flensburg
Telefon 0461 22488


Rathausstrasse 11-13
24937 Flensburg
Telefon: 0461 182 827 86


Holm 45                                     
24937 Flensburg
Telefon: 0461 229 26


Rathausstr. 11-13
24937 Flensburg
Telefon: 0461 940 28 272


Bismarckstrasse 68
24943 Flensurg - Jürgensby
Telefon: 0461 21667

Schulze und Preus

Süderhofenden 12

24937 Flensburg

Telefone 0461/24210

ENT in the Cittipark

Langberger Weg 4
24941 Flensburg

All health insurance providers: Tel.  0049 (0) 461 - 807 908 0

Private insurance and self-paying patients: Tel. 0049 (0) 461 - 500 337-31

Christian Carstensen

Holm 74

24937 Flensburg

Telefon: 0461 / 25 844

Jens Leichsenring

Friesische Str. 84

24937 Flensburg

Dr. med. Julius Schulz-Leupelt                                  

Langberger Weg 4
24941 Flensburg
Telefon: 0461 23617

Orthopaedics in the Flensburg city center

Oelsner · Muhs
Südermarkt 1
24937 Flensburg
Telefon: 0461 17511

Ophthalmology practice at the Flensburg central bus station (ZOB)

Süderhofenden 12
24937 Flensburg

Telefon:  0461 22 554


Jan Wachtel

Moltkestraße 7

24937 Flensburg

Mobil:  +49 16 2 – 7 27 40 67

Telefon:  +49 46 1 – 99 57 66 97


For emergencies and when doctors’ offices are closed:

Urgent care (emergency) phone number: 112

Central emergency room (ZNA): DIAKO Hospital, Knuthstraße 1, 24939 Flensburg, Germany


Enrolling as a Student

As soon as you are enrolled as a student at EUF, you can order the public transport pass for students (semester ticket) and use all services of the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein. You can also use the EUF CampusApp to access your student ID, view your email, and library accounts, and check the daily menu at the campus cafeteria, among other things.

Order your semester ticket

View services of the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein

Learn more about the EUF CampusApp

Residence Permit

Electronic Residence Permit (eAT)

Students from non-EU member states who have a 3-month visa must report to the Immigration Office within 7 days of their arrival and must apply for an Electronic Residence Permit (eAT). International students who are exempt from the visa requirement will also need a residence permit. Only EU citizens do not need to apply for this residence permit.

The following documents are required to apply for a residence permit:

  • Application form
  • Health insurance certificate
  • Identity card / passport
  • Certificate of student status (Studienbescheinigung)
  • Regular (degree-seeking) students only: University degree certificates/diplomas, plus (if the documents were not issued in German) translations into German
  • Certificate of residency from your landlord (Vermieterbescheinigung)

Proof of sufficient funds: In order to apply for a residence permit, you must provide proof that you have sufficient financial means to support yourself (at least €934 per month or €11208 for 12 months). The following proofs are possible:

  1.     a letter stating that you are a scholarship recipient
  2.     a letter of commitment from the person financing your studies (from Deutchland).
  3.     a blocked account

The application process can take up to two months. You must pay the following fees when you pick up your residence permit (last update: 2021):

  • New resident permits (processing fee): 100 euros (if you hold a student scholarship, you do not have to pay this fee)
  • Residence permit extensions
    • Extensions up to 3 months: 96 euros
    • Extensions longer than 3 months: 93 euros


Einwanderungsbüro – Immigration Office
Schleswiger Straße 66
24941 Flensburg


To see current opening hours, telephone consultation times and the online appointment portal, visit the website of the Immigration Office (Einwanderungsbüro).

Go to the Flensburg Immigration Office

Orientation Week

Orientation Week of the International Center

Information, integration, and intercultural awareness: Every semester before classes start, the International Center organizes an orientation week for international students (exchange students and regular students). Orientation Week usually takes place on first week of March and September (Monday to Friday).

Topics and Contents

  • Academic culture in Germany
  • Everyday life in Flensburg
  • Administrative processes (registering your local address at the city citizens' office, taking out health insurance, setting up a bank account, applying for a residence permit)
  • Campus tour, city tour and other leisure activities
  • Getting to know the buddies
  • Course selection (for exchange students)
  • Matriculation (for exchange students)
  • Language courses
  • Welcome Breakfast (free of charge, registration required)

Europa Universität Flensburg also holds a general student orientation week ( for all new students every fall semester.