S4 specialization: Marketing & Media Management

Under the influence of new media and technologies markets have significantly changed. In particular, information and communications technologies substantially contribute to the facilitation of international exchange processes likewise. This transformation is naturally observed to be extremely strong within the media sector. At the same time, even in less information-intensive sectors new media allow new forms of customer approach and change the structure of marketing processes on the whole. In this context, companies do not only use a variety of media, but also act themselves more and more frequently as providers of media contents or have to handle user-generated contents of their consumers. Consequently, even classic media management skills are increasingly required within the field of marketing, as shown by the development of job profiles, such as that of the Social Media Manager. In turn, new technological circumstances and a changed usage behavior also bear new challenges for media companies. In this context, an essential element also involves the increasing diversification in any sources of revenue beyond the classic sale or press advertizing. However, new sources of revenue, such as online advertizing, affiliate marketing, etc., require a much stronger market orientation, so that even the media management benefits from a closer interlinking with the field of marketing.

Against this backdrop, the area of specialization in "Marketing & Media Management" imparts comprehensive media and marketing knowledge. In this context, the basis involves the requirements of marketing and, in particular, of the customer approach on the one hand, and any characteristic features and possibilities of information and media on the other hand. For this purpose, great value is set upon making the manifold links of media management and marketing visible – be it within the field of advertizing, online marketing or corporate communications.

With linking media knowledge with marketing knowledge, the area of concentration prepares for a variety of tasks within the marketing and media sector. The range includes all players typically involved in the marketing process:

  • Advertizing companies as customers for communication services
  • Media companies as providers of customer contacts
  • Advertizing and media agencies as intermediaries and counselors

In this context, importance is placed on the fact that the students get to know the sometimes very different modes of thinking and action of the various market players in order to reach problem solutions and market results at a later point of time. Depending on the module selection, the students can put their own focus either on the field of media or marketing at the same time.

In accordance with the objective the area of concentration imparts both classic marketing knowledge and media-specific contents. In this connection, value is placed on the ability of independent scientific work as well as practical application in any specific problem situations likewise. Thus, the study program can be subdivided into three fields:

  • Basic marketing knowledge is imparted in the teaching sessions of Strategic Marketing, International Marketing, Consumer Marketing, Business Marketing (all offered by SDU) as well as Corporate Communications
  • Media-related contents can be found in the teaching sessions of Media Management, Media Economics as well as Entertainment Law. Moreover, upon consultation, courses from the study program "Culture Language Media" can also be considered.
  • The Marketing and Media research seminar serves as integration and introduction to the Master thesis for which the students work on a specific topic by using empirical methods under intensive supervision.

An overview [14471] of the areas of concentration can be found here.