Marketing & Media Management Practice Project

SemesterWinter semester
Duration of moduleOne semester
Module-Nr.MIM S4 25
Type of courseElective in S4 specialization
Frequency of module offerEach year
Entry requirementsNone
ResponsibleProf. Dr. Berthold H. Hass
University teacherProf. Dr. Berthold H. Hass
Teaching languageGerman or english
Total workload and structure
(e.g. self-study + contact time)
150 h: 30 h contact time, 120 h self-study
Semester hours per week2 hours
Emphasis of the grade for the final grade5/120

Qualification objectives of the module:

  • The students are able to take up a problem from practice as well as to specify and structure it.
  • The students are able to work on the problem in a science-based manner within a team, develop well-founded solutions and give any specific recommendations.
  • The students are able to present the developed concept to representatives from practice and defend it.

Module contents:

As part of this course, any specific problems of a partner from practice (typically a company or any other organization from the region) are solved within the subject areas of marketing and media management. The students adopt the role of external consultants who specify the problem and work on it using various methods. The solution proposals developed are presented to the partner from practice.

Examination achievements:

Presentation and its demonstration to the partner from practice (5 CPs in total)


Will be announced at the beginning of the course.