Admission Committees for Master's Programs

Admission Committees are responsible for reviewing the admission requirements in the master's degree programs at Europa-Universität Flensburg.

The people listed below are available to answer specific questions about individual admission requirements (for example, the relevance of BA studies, recognition of language certificates, and so forth). They are your direct contacts for the individual master's programs.

In addition, the lecturers listed below are also the first point of contact for the recognition of examination results and placement in an advanced semester, with the exception of the Master of Education (Lehramt). Recognition and placement in teacher education programs occurs at the program module* (subject) level. To find the right contact person, please go to the Overview of Academic Advisors.

Master Bildung in Europa
Prof. Dr. Anke Wischmann

Master of Education-Studiengänge

Master Energie- und Umweltmanagement (Industrial Countries)
Prof. Dr. Pao-Yu Oei

Master European Studies
Prof. Dr. Uwe Puetter

Master International Management Studies - BWL

Master Kultur-Sprache-Medien
Dr. Sibylle Machat

Master Transformationsstudien
Dr. Maike Böcker

Master of Vocational Education
Prof. Dr. A. Grimm [11506] (Elektro- und Informationstechnik)
Prof. Dr. R. Schlausch [11517] (Metall- und Fahrzeugtechnik)

Master Frühkindliche Bildung
Koordinierungsstelle am IQSH oder per Mail

We recommend that you contact us by email.