Bild von einer Person, die ein Dokument stempelt
Bild von einer Person, die ein Dokument stempelt

Admission and Enrollment

All applications received in full by the deadline are considered during the university selection and admission processes. Selection begins a few days after the application deadline has passed. Europa-Universität Flensburg publishes the dates of each admissions round on its website at the start of every application period. If your application is successful, you will receive from EUF a letter of admission sent via email to the address you provided during the online application process. Keep in mind that the university sends this notification via email only. Your notification of admission will tell you the exact enrollment deadline. It will also include a list of required documents that you will need to submit to the registrar's office in order to enroll as student at Europa-Universität Flensburg.

Enrollment documents

Provisional Admission

Some degree programs admit applicants provisionally. This means that the admission is subject to the certain conditions (for example, the applicant’s submission of a language certificate or other formal document before the program starts).  In this case, bear in mind that you must submit the required documents to the specific body or unit named in your admission notice. If you fail to do so by the specified deadline, your admission into the program will be irrevocably withdrawn after the deadline has passed.

Accepting the Offer of Admission

In the admissions notification that you receive by email, you are asked to immediately (usually within 3-5 days) contact Europa-Universität Flensburg to confirm your acceptance of its admission offer. In so doing, you are not committing to any formal obligation. The university only uses this information to help determine how many applicants declined its initial admission offer, so that it can reallocate those spots to other applicants in subsequent (post-placement) admission rounds. Please inform Europa-Universität Flensburg of your acceptance by email only. Once the university has received and processed your email, you will receive an automated confirmation that it has been received by EUF.

Important: If you do not accept in time, you will lose your claim to the offered study place. This is because the university will have reallocated the unaccepted study places to other applicants, and it will no longer be possible for you to enroll. Thus, you must accept the admission offer before you can enroll.