Peer review process

CPE applies double-blind review. Both the reviewer and author identities are concealed throughout the entire review process. We will usually involve two reviewers. We aim at turnaround times of 12 weeks. The editors review each initial submission and judge the general suitability for publication. Then the author either receives note of a desk reject without further explanation, or the publication is sent to the reviewers for double-blind review. Based on the written recommendation of the reviewers, the editors decide whether the submission should be accepted, rejected, or revised (minor or major revisions). We ask all authors to ensure that their manuscripts are prepared in a way that does not give away their identity. Reviewers are encouraged to mentor authors by providing constructive feedback as an avenue to publication, and to sufficiently motivate their decisions on manuscripts. Further, authors are asked to submit a detailed letter to the reviewers when responding to feedback, and to track changes in the original document.

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