ICES Lecture von Fabio Portela

"Constitutionalism as a societal structure: An evolutionary approach to Brexit"

23.05.2019 17:15 – 18:15 Uhr RIG 601

Dr. Fabio Portela (Brazilian University)

In this lecture, Fabio Portela, Clerk at the Brazilian Superior Labour Court and currently guest researcher at the ICES will present how constitutionalism evolved as a cooperation-enhancing structure, stabilizing a novel form of societal organization that stabilized the relationship between psychological, cultural, social and societal ontology in modern society. From this perspective, the European Union could only emerge as an integrated constitutional society by facing the contingency of its own disintegration. Brexit is discussed in this context, as an example of how new organizational entities evolve out of bottom-up and top-down forces in play, demanding new structures to stabilize itself as a societal structure. 

Dr. Fabio Portela holds a doctorate in law from the University of Brasilia. He is a visiting researcher at the ICES and will stay here from 5.May until 28.July (in Riga 603). During his stay, Fabio Portela will develop research on the development of economic and financial regulation with a focus on the relationship between legal and economic co-evolution.

Wenn Sie Fabio Portela kennen lernen oder mit ihm über gemeinsame Forschungs-interessen und Kooperations-möglichkeiten sprechen möchten, finden Sie ihn in RIGA 6, Büro 603 oder schreiben Sie ihm eine E-Mail an

Link to video of the presentation: