Affordable housing and living

Charming and budget-friendly

In Flensburg, rent is more affordable in comparison with other cities in Schleswig-Holstein and the surrounding area, making the location very attractive—especially for students.

Thanks to the university’s central location, the campus is easy to reach from any of Flensburg's districts and there is a wide range of apartments and shared flats.

Details for apartment hunters

Or would you prefer to live right on campus?

The residence halls offering by the Schleswig-Holstein Studentenwerk are particularly popular with first-year students and international exchange students. EUF has five different such facilities, four of which are located on campus. There are different living models: 2 to 4-person shared flats and single apartments. The rooms are partly furnished, but there are also unfurnished rooms.

Average rent per room or apartment:

There are additional residence halls and third-party student apartments on the eastern and western borders of campus.

Cultural diversity

With its proximity to the Danish border and universities that attract many international students, Flensburg's cityscape is a colorful mix of different cultures.

The serene beauty of the fjord and stunning old-world buildings of the historic city center give the city a special charm. From small boutiques and cafés to the lively shopping street, there is much to see and experience in Flensburg.

Food and snacks on campus

On campus, you can get a cheap meal at the main cafeteria (Mensa) or any of several cafes. Lunch menus change daily and usually start at less than 3 euros for students.

Employees of the two universities on campus also receive discounted meals. Guests, who pay full price, are very welcome.

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