A Family-Friendly University

A place for people large and small

Equal opportunity is a priority at EUF —and that includes finding ways to accommodate families. Our Family Service continually works to create a family-friendly university where staff and students with children suffer no disadvantages.

The campus has several parent-and-child rooms and places to feed and change babies. The Mattisborg room (Göteborg Building) was created especially for parents and children.  Next to the indoor space with lots of toys is safe outdoor space for children to romp and play. There’s a lot to discover!

Priority placement in university courses

Students with children are entitled to have their course choices prioritized, to compensate for parental disadvantages. This helps minimize the overlap between their seminars and lectures, and the personal time needed for parenting and childcare.

Daycare facilities right on campus

Studentenwerk SH offers an on-campus early childhood daycare center. The center, which accepts children aged one year and up, currently looks after forty-five children in three groups

Did you know?

You can use the FLummi caregiver exchange to find caregivers for children and relatives in need.

Check out the Equal Opportunities area for more information:

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