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Fachpraktikum - what is it actually?

During the current semester break, I completed my internship between my 3rd and 4th semester. But what is the internship anyway?

With the Educational Sciences degree course at the Europa-Universität Flensburg, you opt for a teaching degree course with increased practical experience in the first 2 years of your Bachelor's degree.

Already after the 1st semester, students are required to complete a three-week internship in the Flensburg region, a distant region or abroad. In the so-called orientation internship, students are first required to familiarize themselves with the school process and structure from the perspective of a teacher and observe various classes and teaching methods. In contrast to the later specialist internship, this internship is not subject-specific. 

After the 3rd semester, students specialize in one of their subject areas in order to focus on this in the subject internship. Prior to this, they attend a preparatory seminar in the semester that teaches them how to prepare lessons in terms of methodology and subject-specific didactics. The specialist internship again comprises a three-week period in a region near or far away or abroad. As I originally come from Lower Saxony and the choice of schools in the Flensburg area was limited, I decided to complete the specialist internship in my home state.

It was interesting to see how the subject requirements in Schleswig-Holstein differ from the core curriculum in Lower Saxony. But I also learned a lot about preparing lessons independently and teaching for the first time as a teacher. Admittedly, you are pretty much thrown in at the deep end at the beginning, but of course it is always a change from theory at university to practice at school. In the end, however, the experiences and positive impressions outweighed the negative ones, which made me stick to my dream of becoming a teacher.