User instructions

How to find the teaching material

Each provided material was assigned to three features: (1) Students; (2) Topics/Content; (3) Teaching material. Furthermore, each feature consists of three categories: students contain Primary School, Secondary School and College/University; Topics/Content contains Ecosystems/Habitats, Endangered Species and Management; Teaching material contains Information/Stories, Practical Courses and Projects. Since neither a German nor an international standard definition of primary and secondary school exist, the teaching material provided on this website was roughly divided into these categories. Therefore, these are just suggestions. Especially because each class is different, it requires a specific approach. It is the task of the teacher to choose suitable teaching material for their students.

To find the teaching material, a selection of one category for each feature (Students; Topics/Content; Teaching material) has to be done. After selecting categories, e.g. primary school – endangered species – practical courses, all the material available for this selection will be shown (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Example for finding a material for Primary school – Endangered species – Practical Courses

On the respective material pages you will find a brief summary of the material content.

Terms used and their meanings as used herein:

Students = Pupils, synonymous with children, the term implies neither age nor gender

Primary School: class 1-4/1-6

Secondary School: Highschool

College/University: University

Practical Courses: tasks, worksheets

Management: It is mainly a presentation of possible measures how conservation of biodiversity could be done. A practical application by students is not desired. Examples of practical applications can be found in the category projects.

Projects: the term "projects" consists of practical tasks like doing handicrafts, cooking, games (role play, quizzes, etc.), group work, discussions, internet research, poster design etc. Here you can find a lot of different kinds of teaching materials, not only worksheets. These materials require a more intensive preparation, are more consuming in implementation and/or require more time. A practical application by the students is desired.