Subsystem "Stacking Magazine"

The stacking magazine can be used for storage purposes of components still to be processed within the production process as well as for separation or sorting of workpieces. In addition, it also offers the possibility to carry out simple production tasks, such as the pressing operation of parts (e.g. lids on cans, clocks in cases, etc.) or even the marking of workpieces by stamping. For this purpose, relatively few and, as for the conveyor belt, relatively simple reconstruction measures are only necessary. The workpiece tables can be changed in their placement like the sensors or even the actuators of the system. The heights of the tables are arranged in such a manner that they largely correspond with the operating heights of the conveyor belt or the handling.  

The stacking magazine as a partial system offers the possibility of an exact positioning of a workpiece which can e.g. be used in order to transfer workpieces from one partial system to any another partial system. Apart from the electrotechnical contents, it offers the opportunity of introducing the topic area of pneumatics into the lessons. In this context, the fulfillment of tasks with regard to simple basic functions, such as the manual control of a valve, as well as the implementation of complex automated control systems with different pneumatic cylinders via various valves are possible. Consequently, a relatively high degree of internal differentiation is given for the teacher in the teaching process.

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