Institute for Technology and Technology Education - Technical education as part of the human culture

The central purpose of a general education is primarily to introduce the next generation into cultural fields considered to be material for the human development, to arouse its interest therein and to help getting along with the latter.  

In this context, the possibility of making technology accessible to all children and adolescents as a vital part of the human culture has to be included.  

A general technical education aims for bringing out responsible citizens in an engineered society. In turn, responsibility aims for the individual´s ability of co-determination as well as self-determination. This requires the specific manifestation of a basic technical understanding for children and adolescents of any grades and types of school, enabling them to recognize and develop their individual potentials and resources in a comprehensive manner.  

Germany as one of the leading industrial nations of the world is still far away from such objective. As a result, technical teachers are having an important task in relation to the general technical education at present and increasingly in the future.  

Therefore, the Institute of Technology and its Didactics regards the improvements of its teaching and research performance as well as the promotion of young scientists in technical didactics as the key objectives of its work.  


Primary objectives of the Institute for Technology and Technology Education

Development of professionally qualified and subject-didactically competent technical teachers for elementary and common schools as well as for special needs schools

Systematic promotion of young scientists by way of subject-didactic research in the following areas:

  • Approaches and teaching methods in technical lessons
  • Educational efficiency of multimedia systems in the media network within technical lessons
  • Increased heterogeneity in study groups through inclusion  - Problems and chances for the general technical education and the technical teacher training

Increasing the attractiveness of Flensburg location with regard to the training and further education of technical teachers

Conscious reinforcement of research and development activities in cooperation with schools and universities as well as partners from economy and politics as well as educational and training institutions

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