Teachers´ behavior in inclusive technical lessons - Consequences for the university technical teacher training

The previous changes to the educational landscape in Schleswig-Holstein have recently been followed by further implementation steps towards an inclusive school. On the one hand, a new "Education law for teachers" has been applying since 1 August 2014. The latter aims for "adjusting" the training of new teachers "to the requirements of the actual school landscape" (SH FEDERAL STATE GOVERNMENT, 2014). On the other hand, in August 2014, a concept entitled "Schleswig-Holstein´s way to inclusive schools" was published. With using 10 different key aspects, the latter describes how the idea of inclusion can be implemented at schools in Schleswig-Holstein (cf. SH-LANDTAG, 2014).  

One of the main issues of these publications is a restructuring of special educational support systems. Analogously to the idea of inclusion, the existing personnel and material special educational resources are now allocated to significantly more students.  

In teaching practice, the technical lessons are thus particularly facing some problems. The special education teachers who have taught technology as a teaching subject at the support center up to now have to provide for more students with the existing special educational resources. There are currently neither any sufficiently qualified teachers for independent lessons in the subject of technology through special education teachers nor for team teaching. Due to the upgrading of the subject of technology within the range of subjects that took place together with the introduction of common schools many schools organize four-hour optional offers in technology at the same time.

This results in the fact that more and more school students with special needs are assumed to be taught the subject of technology by teachers of general education who have little access to special educational expertise.  

The research project starts at this point.  
On the basis of the starting situation described the following hypotheses are postulated:

  • Due to the increasing inclusive schooling of school students with special needs additional stressful situations for technical teachers arise for which they have not sufficiently been prepared so far during their studies
  • Competencies that are efficient for the work with school students with special needs and that need to be taken into account for the future training of technical teachers can be extracted from the special educational research as well as from the special educational teachers´ behavior.  

The hypotheses described are investigated in a multi-step research design.

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