What are EUF’s guiding principles, fields of action, and specific initiatives for research funding and support?

The strategic orientation of the university with respect to research funding is outlined in three strategy papers. Developed in an effort to advance the university’s structural and developmental goals, the papers cover the following topics:

  • The orientation and goals of research funding at EUF
  • The structuring of research funding at EUF
  • Research-oriented application and appointment procedures as part of the DFG strategy

 The focus is on the EUF aim to gain DFG membership by developing into a strong research institution.

The Senate welcomed these strategy papers in November 2019 and approved implementation of the funding approaches and measures within the framework of available resources.

Strategy paper Orientation and goals of research funding at EUF

This strategy paper defines and systematizes EUF’s fundamental goals and orientations with respect to research funding, and discusses the existing and future measures for their realization. It also presents the university’s progress towards its planned DFG membership application and outlines the paths to reaching that goal. Download

Strategy paper The Structural Development of Research Funding and Support Resources at EUF

This strategy paper outlines how EUF has further developed its existing research funding and support resources within a modular structure. To improve the transparency and accessibility of its programs and initiatives to promote research, the paper comprehensively surveys all available forms of research support across EUF units and institutes, presenting them in terms of academic needs and funding objectives. Download

Strategy paper Research-oriented application and appointment procedures as part of the DFG strategy

This strategy paper presents research-oriented criteria for application and appointment procedures. It is available on the Intranet. Download.

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