Participation in Workshop

The team attended the workshop „Tackling Emigration in EU Member States – the Welfare Dimension“ at the University of Bremen.

From 6th to 7th October 2022, the project team has attended the workshop "Tackling emigration in EU member states - the welfare dimension" at the University of Bremen. The workshop was organized jointly by Christof Roos (University of Flensburg) and Susanne K. Schmidt (University of Bremen). Contributions of the international workshop participants in the four workshop panels focused on aspects of 1) seasonal migration from mostly Central and Easter European member states; 2) comparative perspectives on emigration and return within the EU; 3) national perspectives and reasons and reactions to emigration; as well as 4) public opinion on emigration in the EU.

In the last panel, our project members Christof Roos and Max Nagel presented our most recent project work on political party systems and the politicization of emigration. We thank everyone for the very helpful comments and fruitful discussions!