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The KSM Master is a two-year, full-time post-graduate study through seminars, lectures, project, presentation and examination (ECTS: 120 credits). The KSM Masters focuses on the study of cultural modernity in Language and Literature as well as Culture, Art, Textiles, Media and Business Studies at the interfaces of the Baltic, North Sea and North Atlantic zones. Credits are gained by research-oriented, postgraduate study of the culture, literature, language and visual media (arts, fashion, film) of German, Scandinavian and English-speaking Atlantic countries. KSM offers the only postgraduate study program in Europe with this research constellation.

Information material for new and prospective students

Prospective students can find info material here:

- Flyer of the study program (PO 2021, in German)

- Overview presentation of the program (this is only meant to serve as preliminary information, there will be dedicated information meetings for you!)

News and Updates

Extension of the language certificate requirement for the 2021 cohort

For the cohort of students who started their studies of the MA "Culture - Language - Media" with the fall semester 2021, the obligation to prove language skills by submitting language certificates will be extended until the end of the examination period of the spring semester 2022.

Any outstanding language certificates must be submitted by 8/7/2022.

Current as of: 01/19/2022

Please continue to send language certificates directly to Dr. Machat, she will collect them and coordinate their collection with the Examinations Office/Student Affairs Office.

Update: Submission of Language Certificates (2020 cohort)

For the cohort of students who started their studies of the MA " Kultur - Sprache - Medien" in the fall semester 2020, the obligation to present proof of language proficiency by means of submission of language certificates has been suspended.

This regulation is currently valid ONLY for the cohort of students who started their studies in fall 2020 and is owed to the current circumstances prevailing in the world at large, which make it significantly more difficult to attend language courses and to take the required exams.

This regulation does not currently apply to applicants starting in the fall of 2021.

As of: 24.03.2021.


For questions concerning your KSM studies and the impact that the current situation of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has on them: you can find information about this on the blog of the study program as well as on the central Coronavirus SARS-CoV2 information page of the EUF (only in German).

There's also the (only in German): Regelung im Zuge der SARS-CoV-2 Pandemie zu Praktikumsalternativleistungen im Studiengang KSM - Stand: Update 1/Verlängerung: 16.11.2020.

Information for Graduates

Graduates of the MA Kultur - Sprache - Medien who would like to stay up to date regarding current developments and events of the Masters' program have the possibility to subscribe to a news mailinglist curated especially for graduates. To join, simply send an email indicating your interest to ksm [at] uni-flensburg.de.