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Master of Arts Culture - Language - Media

Overview & Profile

General Information

Degree Master of Arts (M.A.)
Duration 4 Semesters
Type of program Full-time study
Program start Every fall semester
Language(s) of instruction German and English
Tuition fees None, but a semester fee is due every semester

About this degree program:

Program profile

The KSM concept has been in operation in Germany and Denmark as a successful, joint-study program since 1997, offering joint degrees at BA, Diploma and MA levels. The program has enabled over 400 EU and international students to complete their first or second degree. In 2005, the Institutes of English, German, Danish and the Arts at Flensburg formed the KSM research group to offer a fresh, interdisciplinary postgraduate program on the new campus (2002) of Flensburg University, Germany.


Two-year, full-time post-graduate study through seminars, lectures, project, presentation and examination (ECTS: 120 credits). The KSM Masters focuses on the study of cultural modernity in Language and Literature as well as Culture, Art, Textiles, Media and Business Studies at the interfaces of the Baltic, North Sea and North Atlantic zones. Credits are gained by research-oriented, postgraduate study of the culture, literature, language and visual media (arts, fashion, film) of German, Scandinavian and English-speaking Atlantic countries. KSM offers the only postgraduate study program in Europe with this research constellation.

Practicals & internships

One practical abroad of min. 12 weeks in the summer break (or two practicals totaling min. 5 weeks each, one of which is to be conducted abroad: subject to KSM Exam Board regulations).


Program Structure & Content


The KSM master's program encompasses the following six disciplines:

  • Cultural Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Literary Studies
  • Art/Visual Culture
  • Media Studies
  • Intercultural business studies

Electives and opportunities for further specialization allow students to choose between generalist studies and increasing specialization.

The first three semesters are thematically framed within the six main disciplines of the KSM program, as follows:

Semester: 'Interculturality'
Semester: 'Contact and Conflict'
Semester: 'Identity and Alterity'

In the fourth semester, students must prepare and give a presentation, take part in a workshop or colloquium, and write an independent research paper that they will later develop into a master's thesis.

Recommended semester plan

Examination and Study Regulations for the Master of Arts program in the Culture – Language – Media at Europa-Universität Flensburg (2021)

1. Semester Modul 1: Interkulturalität Modul 6: Praktikums- und Projektmodul
2. Semester Modul 2: Kontakt und Konflikt – interdisziplinär Modul 3: Kontakt und Konflikt – fokussiert
3. Semester Modul 4: Identität und Alterität – interdisziplinär Modul 5: Identität und Alterität – fokussiert
4. Semester Modul 7: Master Thesis

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Career prospects

Career Prospects

KSM graduates today work in Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Great Britain and Ireland, as well as the USA and Central-Eastern Europe. Job positions are with EU bureaus, other international organizations, governmental and non-governmental institutions and agencies, European and American universities as lecturers and coordinators, international aid organizations, trade unions, in the fields of education, publishing, advertising and project management, as well as in the cultural and service sectors in Germany and Scandinavia.

The master's degree also allows you to pursue a doctorate.

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Advising & Contact Information

General Advice on studying at EUF:

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Front office:

Please direct your questions to the staff at the institutes for language, literature and media.

Institute's Front Office

Degree program coordinator:

+49 461 805 2177
Gebäude Oslo
OSL 169
Auf dem Campus 1
Post code / City
24943 Flensburg
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Application & Admission

Application & Admission

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Application & Admission