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Follow-up meeting for all EUF students who spent a semester abroad in HeSe 2023/24

Show us what you've experienced and send us your best photo from abroad on the topic to now (by the end of February at the latest):

  • Language mix deluxe (crazy signs, cool graffiti, tempting menus, ...)
  • Street photography (urban jungle vibes, architectural masterpieces) or
  • Eco-Champion (sustainability and environmental protection).

Don't forget to caption your photo so that your partner university, location and study program are clearly recognizable (please insert the caption directly into the image). We will print out all the photos so that you can take a look at your fellow students' adventures at the meeting. We also want to use the pictures to inspire the next generation of outgoings.

Have you discovered a culinary specialty abroad that has captured your heart? Then bring a sample of your favorite snack to the meeting!


TAL 007


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