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Thematic seminar on the internationalization of teacher training

TAL 007

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In the current Erasmus+ program generation (2021-2027), teacher training has become a particularly important topic. Current challenges such as the shortage of teachers and the lack of attractiveness of the teaching profession need to be counteracted and the internationalization of teacher training promoted.

The Erasmus+ seminar at Europa-Universität Flensburg aims to connect coordinators of mobility and cooperation projects with other relevant actors within and outside the university, to draw attention to the possibilities of interlinking national and EU activities in the field of teacher training and to map the status quo in the field of "international teacher training". It is carried out as a national "Training and Cooperation Activity (TCA)" by the NA DAAD.

Further information:

The event will take place in the TALLINN building and in the HELSINKI building.


TAL 007
Auf dem Campus 1
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24943 Flensburg


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