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The Bachelor of Arts International Management - BWL is an internationally oriented degree programme in economics that also includes the learning or deepening of a foreign language (Danish or Spanish). Business and economic contents are linked with regional knowledge and brought into international contexts, depending on the choice of specialisation. The courses are held in German, English and the respective foreign language chosen.


Economics, area studies and language skills combined

European integration, globalization, migration: National and cultural boundaries are falling. Management activities in companies, administrations and organizations are becoming more dynamic, more complex and more demanding. In our bachelor's degree program International Management - Business Administration, we train highly qualified management trainees for national and international small and large companies.

A basic education in economics (marketing, strategic management, human resource management, micro- and macroeconomics, controlling, etc.) is complemented by lectures and seminars in the field of qualitative and social science methods, cultural area studies (Scandinavia or Latin America/Southern Europe, depending on the chosen focus) and foreign language skills (Danish or Spanish).

Living internationality: Already during your studies you will experience interculturality with exchange students from all over the world and in cooperation with Syddansk Universitet. The majority of students spend their 5th semester abroad at one of the numerous partner universities worldwide.

Crossing borders - one study, two degrees

Students of the Danish language branch attend classes at Syddansk Universitet (SDU) in Sønderborg (DK) every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For the specially arranged bus shuttle that takes you from Flensburg city center to the Danish campus, we charge a fee of about 80 € per semester (subject to change). On the other days of the week, the courses take place on the campus of the European University in Flensburg.

For more information about the possibility of a double degree, please click here.

Students in the Spanish language branch may also have the opportunity to take individual courses at SDU in Sønderborg.


In a nutshell

Degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), BSc (Danish degree)
Fields of study
  • Economic Sciences, Management
  • Cultural Area Studies
  • Foreign Languages (Danish or Spanish)
Documents Study regulations and module catalogue
Possible double degree Students of the Danish specialization participate in a cooperation with Syddansk Universitet and receive a German-Danish double degree upon completion of their studies.
Teaching language(s)

German and English.

One of two concentrations may be chosen:

  • Danish (german-danisher double degree Bachelor of Arts / BSc ief)
  • Spanish (Degree Bachelor of Arts)
Standard study period 6 semesters
Semester times The current lecture, exam, and vacation times can be found here.
Start of study Every fall semester (start of lectures in September)

Campus of the Europa- University Flensburg

For students of the Danish focus: Tuesday and Thursday at Alsion, Campus der Syddansk Universitet, Sønderborg, Dänemark. For the bus shuttle, which is scheduled to coincide with the lecture times, a contribution towards expenses of approx. 80€ per semester is charged.

Admission restriction
  • Admission restrictions will be determined at each application deadline.
  • More detailed information is available on the application page (click on "additional qualifications" there)
Program-specific prerequisites
  • Good knowledge of English language
  • Proof of basic knowledge of Danish or Spanish (participation in upstream language intensive courses possible).
  • More information can be found on the application page (click on "additional qualifications" there)
Tuition Tuition is not charged, but a semester fee is due each semester.
Program Responsible Person Prof. Dr. Susanne Royer


Courses offered by the B.A. International Management - BWL

The curriculum of the program is divided into four areas:

  1. Compulsory subject Economics
  2. Elective 1: International Business & Economics
  3. Elective 2: Area Studies
  4. Language training

Below is a list of regularly offered courses, divided between fall and spring semesters.

Please note that the lists below are for orientation! The courses offered may vary from semester to semester. The courses currently offered can always be found in the current course catalog.

For more detailed information on the individual courses, please consult the module catalog or the websites of the responsible departments.

Mandatory subject economics
  • BWL 1: International Human Resource Management
  • BWL 4: Finance: will probably NOT take place in FrSe 22; alternative offer in HeSe 22/23
  • Economics 2: Fundamentals of Macroeconomics
  • Human and Organisation
  • Research smethods II
  • Law 1: Fundamentals of civil law
  • Law 2: Labor Law and International Law
  • Regnskabsvæsen
  • Investering og Finansiering
  • Statistik 2
  • Ret II
Elective subject 1: International Business & Economics
  • International Media Management
  • International Economics
  • International Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship in Practice
  • Informationstechnologieanagement
Elective subject 2: Area Studies
  • Regional Economics II (Lateinamerika)
  • Regional Economics II (Südeuropa)
  • Culture and International Development
  • Bachelorkolloquium (Lateinamerika)
  • Research Methods for Regional Studies (Südeuropa)
  • Comparative social systems II
  • Culture and communication I
Language education
  • Spanish 2
  • Spanish 4
  • Danish 2
  • Danish 4
  • German 2
  • German 4
  • English 2
  • English 4
Mandatory subject economics
  • Introduction to the study of management and economics
  • BWL 2: Marketing
  • BWL 3: Organisation
  • BWL 5: Controlling
  • VWL 1: Microeconomic
  • Political Economy of Modern Capitalism (VWL 3)
  • Human and work
  • Methods of empirical social sciences
  • Methods 2: Research Methodology and empiric project
  • BWL 1: Grundlæggende Erhvervsøkonomie
  • BWL 2: Marketing
  • BWL 3: Organisation
  • VWL 3
  • Statistik 1
  • Methoden 2
Elective subject 1: International Business & Economics
  • Introduction to the Sociology of Organizations
  • International Financial Accounting
  • Development Economics
  • Entrepreneurial @venture
  • International Marketing Management
  • Marketing Research
Elective subject 2: Area Studies
  • International Business Ethics
  • Regional Economics I (Lateinamerika)
  • Regional Economics I (Südeuropa)
  • Institutional Change in Capitalist Economies and Societies (Topics in Area Studies SE & LA)
  • Culture and Communication II
  • Comparative social systems I
Language education
  • Spanish 1
  • Spanish 3
  • Danish 1
  • Danish 3
  • German 1
  • German 3
  • English 1

Application & Admission

Application & Admission for the B.A. International Management - BWL

All information about the application, the application and admission procedure as well as the admission requirements and additional qualifications can be found on the pages of the Student Services:

Application & Admission

Qualifications & Occupations

Direct entry into professional practice

After completing the bachelor's degree, you have various options for starting your career in (inter)national companies and organizations.

You can join small and medium-sized companies directly as a generalist or go to a large company as a trainee. There you will deal with the management of various projects, specialize in a functional area or join as an assistant to the management.

The cross-border bachelor's degree program prepares you perfectly for this with its language focus on Danish or Spanish and its interdisciplinary approach.

See a selection of graduates [14462] talking about their experiences.

Subsequent master studies

The program also prepares you for a master's degree in economics, especially if it has an international focus. Many of our graduates find their way to renowned universities in Germany or abroad. At the Europa-Universität Flensburg, you also have the option of completing the master's program in International Management Studies - BWL (M.A.) or the master program European Studies.


About the program

What does globalization or European integration have to do with my future working life? National and cultural boundaries are falling. Management actions in companies, administrations and organizations are becoming more dynamic, complex and demanding. Intercultural contexts represent an important part of professional life in national as well as international small and large companies.

You want to get a real impression?

Then why not give it a try!

You have the opportunity to experience a day as a test student, attend lectures and seminars, get to know the campus and students of the respective study program and thus get a better impression of what to expect in your studies with us. 

You can find more information here:

Student for a Day

B.A. International Management


Who do I contact if I have any questions ...

Subject Advisory Service B.A. IM

If you have any questions about the content of the program or the course of study, please feel free to contact our academic advisor.

Contact academic advisor [27697]

Admission office

The application and admission procedure is organized centrally by the Admissions Office of the European University Flensburg. If you have any questions about the application process or other administrative questions regarding admission and/or application, you are at the right place:

Admission office

Central Institute Secretariat

Are you a student of the B.A. IM and do you have questions about the (foreign) recognition of academic achievements or about course registration? Then the Central Institute Office (ZIS) is the right place for you:

Contact ZIS [26344]

SDU study service

For all questions regarding the double degree in cooperation with SDU, the Danish secretariat, also known as "SDU Studieservice", will advise you:

Contact Danishes Secretariat [26341]

Service center for examination matters

If you have any questions regarding examination matters, the registration of internships or the preparation of certificates, please first consult the pages of the Service Center for Examination Matters. If you do not find a satisfactory answer there, you will be helped here:

Contact SPA