Crossing Borders - Double Degrees in Cooperation with Syddansk Universitet

Both International Management programs can be studied cross-border in cooperation with Syddansk Universitet (SDU), thus earning two degrees each.

In the Master's program, it is possible to obtain the Danish degree Cand. merc. int. (CMI) at the same time as the German Master of Arts.

The Bachelor's program International Management/Danish is designed as a joint program of both universities, so that here, too, a degree from both universities is acquired.

For students of the cross-border programs, classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on the campus of the University of Flensburg. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students attend classes at SDU in Sønderborg, Denmark. The specially arranged bus shuttle will take you from Flensburg city center to the Danish campus and back again in time for the lectures; for this, a contribution towards expenses of approx. 80 € per semester will be charged (subject to change).

Attention: The courses of the SDU are chargeable for non-EU-citizens.

Double degree in Bachelor

One study, two degrees - B.A. IM-BWL and BSc ief

The Danish language branch of the B.A. International Management - Business Administration is designed so that you are automatically enrolled at both universities and earn both the EUF degree and the BSc lief at SDU.

Program description of the BSc ief

To study the double bachelor, please apply to only one of the two universities. You will receive further information on how to apply for the double degree in cooperation with SDU after you have applied to the European University of Flensburg with your admission documents.

Danish language skills:

Students of the B.A. International Management (Danish) must prove a language level of level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference by the start of lectures. Students who do not yet have Danish language skills at the time of application must attend an intensive Danish language course followed by a test prior to the start of their studies.

Contact person:

Study service of SDU [26341]

Subject Advisory Service EUF [27697]

Double degree in Master

One study, two degrees - M.A. IMS-BWL and Cand. merc. int.

In the Master's program it is possible to obtain the Danish degree Cand. merc. int. (CMI) at the same time as the German Master of Arts.

In order to be accepted in the double master and thus be able to obtain two degrees with only one study, you first apply to only one of the two universities for a place in the respective master's program. The normal application deadline at SDU is 01.02. for non-EU citizens and 01.03. of the respective year for EU citizens (start of studies every fall semester).

If possible, it is recommended to apply to SDU first. After a successful application process, you will be given the opportunity to additionally enroll at EUF and thus be able to study at both universities.

The regular application period at EUF is 15.05. to 15.07. If the application period at SDU has already expired, you can apply for a place in the M.A. International Management Studies during the regular application period at EUF. Provided there areremaining places at the SDU and they meet the requirements for the Danish degree program, you can then register at SDU to take the double master. 

To earn the dual degree, you must meet the admission requirements for both master's programs.

Contact person:

Study service der SDU [26341]

Subject Advisory Service EUF [27697]