Information event for PhD students at EUF

You are cordially invited to our Info-Event for EUF-PhD students taking place  

Wednesday, 21.02.2024 12:00 - 13:00 Uhr
Online only

The info event is intended to provide an overview of the various offers for doctoral students at EUF. In addition to EUF's core research centres ICES and ZeBUSS, several other service units such as the Office for Research, the Equal Opportunities Office, International Centre, Student Advisory Services or ZWW (soon Graduate Centre) are active in promoting early stage researchers. These institutions offer a variety of information, training, counselling, coaching and networking opportunities for doctoral students at EUF. You can find an overview of the offers on our website . At this event, we will inform you about these offers and provide you the opportunity to further strengthen the promotion of early stage researchers at the EUF with your feedback, ideas, and suggestions. The event is organized by ICES and ZeBUSS cooperation with the Office for Research.


Download the presentation slides here

Offers for PhD researchers at EUF by different EUF divisions

  ZSB ZWW/ GraZ Committees DokNet Equal opportunities Int. Center ZeBUSS ICES Office for Research
Training in academics & research   x   x   x x x  
Training in teaching   x              
Overarching competencies   x         x x  
Information, consulting and coaching x   x   x   x x x
Academic networking       x     x x x
Funding     x     X  x x  
Other       x   X x x