Offers for PhD Students at EUF

Offers for PhD researchers at EUF by different EUF divisions

  ZSB ZWW Committees TextLab! / MeQS DokNet Equal opportunities ZeBUSS ICES Office for Research
Academic/research related training   x   x x   x x  
Training in the field of teaching   x            
Overarching competences   x         x x  
Information, consulting and coaching x x x     x x x x
Networking academics         x   x x x
Financing     x        x x  
Others         x   x x  

Overview of research funding, services and resources offered by EUF

Flensburger Programm zur Forschungsförderung (FPFF)/ Flensburg Program for Research Support
Module consulting and support Module Time for Research Module financialsupport
Research -funding advisory services Reduction in teaching time (not available for PhD researchers) Development of  funding proposal
Project support   Academic events
Editing Service   OA Publications (DEAL-Contract)
Office and meeting facilities   OA-only publications
    Hybrid OA-publications
    Open Calls
Programm zur Förderung und Qualifizierung von wissenschaftlichem Nachwuchs (FQ-WiN)/ Program for the promotion and qualification of early career researchers
Module qualification Module stipends and positions Module international networking and profiling
Qualification Program for Early Stage Researchers (QP) PhD stipends of the satte of SH International Short Term Acad. Exchange (in development)
Research Schools Post-Doc-Program (in development) Fellowship in Research and Teaching (in development)
Discipline- / topic-specific trainings an devents Eigen.Zeit (Post-Doc position) Conference participation
Supervision program Call for Field Research Proposals Support for visiting scientists and cooperations
Coaching Program Hardship Fund Publication support for dissertations and postdoctoral theses
    Funding for Open Access Journal publications

Offers marked in blue are also aimed at doctoral students

Angebote für Promovierende an der EUF

Info Event for PhD Researchers in January 2023 (Presentation slides)

Info event: From European Studies to Interdisciplinary Research 17.05.2022