1st EUF Research Funding Day, October 24, 2018

The Office of Research, in cooperation with the research centers ZeBUSS and ICES, invites all EUF scholars, especially early-career researchers, to participate in this event. After presenting national and international funding programs, we will open the session to topic tables, where you can become familiar with the EUF’s in-house research funding and chat with staff representatives for each resource.  We plan to hold such an event regularly every semester.


9.00 am:

Welcome: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Budde, Europa-Universität Flensburg

Research funding opportunities at EUF:

Research funding and support opportunities promoted through the EUF Office of Research; the DFG strategy of EUF- Prof. Dr. Jürgen Budde, Martina Kattein, EUF

Opportunities and programs of the EUF Center for Research on Education, Teaching, Schooling and Socialization (ZeBUSS), Dr. Simone Onur, EUF

Opportunities and programs of the Interdisciplinary Centre for European Studies (ICES), Prof. Dr. Hedwig Wagner, EUF

10:15 am:

Coffee break / round table mixer

  • Office of European and International Affairs Dr. Kerstin Neubarth, EUF
  • Office of Research, Martina Kattein, EUF
  • ZeBUSS, Dr. Simone Onur, EUF
  • ICES, Dr. Maria Schwab, EUF
  • International Center, Ulrike Bischoff-Parker, EUF
  • Application review through the EUF Department of Finance, Sven Kaufmann, EUF
  • EUF Editing Services, Laura Cunniff, EUF
  • Center for Scientific Continuing Education (ZWW), Dr. Steffen Kirchhof, EUF
  • TextLab!, Judith Theuerkauf, EUF
  • EUF Student Guidance and Counseling, Sabine Kröger, EUF
  • Collaborative opportunities with the University of Limerick, Dr. Puneet Saidha, University of Limerick, Research Support Services
  • Information and advice on EU research funding (especially MSCA and ERC), Dunja Hofmann, KoWi

11:00 am:

National funding resources

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation sponsorship: ZeBUSS invites Prof. Dr. Nils Langer, EUF, AvH Foundation alumnus, to present AvH Foundation funding opportunities

11:30 am:

International  funding resources

EU Framework Program Horizon 2020: ICES invites Dunja Hofmann from KoWi to present research funding opportunities under Horizon 2020 (focus on MSCA and ERC)

1 pm:

Closing remarks: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Budde, EUF


01-EUF Office for Research

09/28/2021 947 KB (PDF)

Presentation "Angebote des Forschungsreferats und DFG-Strategie der EUF"



09/28/2021 814 KB (PDF)

Presentation "Angebote des Zentrums für Bildungs-, Unterrichts-, Schul- und Sozialisationsforschung (ZeBUSS)"



09/28/2021 2 MB (PDF)

Presentation "Angebote des Interdisciplinary Centre for European Studies (ICES)"


04-Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung

09/28/2021 743 KB (PDF)

Presentation "Förderprogramme der Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung"



09/28/2021 3 MB (PDF)

Presentation of the KoWi "EU-Förderung, Schwerpunkt MSCA und ERC"