Funding databases

  • ELektronische ForschungsförderInformation (ELFI)
    ELFI is the Service Center for Electronic Research Funding Information in German-speaking countries. Its database (in German only) systematically collects and presents information on research funding. This information is available online to researchers, research advisors, students, and businesses.
    (EUF is one of ELFI’s customer institutions.)
  • Funding Database of the German Federal Government
    The Funding Database of the German Federal Government (Förderdatenbank des Bundes) provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview (in German only) of the funding programs offered by the German federal government, the German states, and the European Union. The database presents funding options in accordance with uniform, criteria and standardized formatting, independently of the government level or funding agency represented.
  • Participant Portal of the European Commission
    The Participant Portal of the European Commission enables researchers to search for calls using keywords, and provides all of the necessary application information and documents.
  • Association of German Foundations (Bundesverband deutscher Stiftungen)
    The Association’s free online German foundation database encompasses roughly 10,000 foundations that are active in Germany and have their own websites. The only source offering more information is the Verzeichnis Deutscher Stiftungen [Directory of German Foundations], which lists over 22,700 foundations in its expanded 8th edition.