School Internship

In the third bachelor's semester, all students complete an internship in a local school. This takes place in a three-week block during the lecture-free period. The aim of this internship is to gain experience in planning and implementing specialist lessons and thus to apply and expand didactic knowledge in the subject.

Students in our institute have the opportunity to prioritize English as a subject during their internship. This means that after the internship, the students create a portfolio that documents and expands on the impressions and experiences they have gained from the internship. To do this, the students select a focus question from the context of teaching English as a foreign language and reflect on it based on current didactic research and their own practical experience from teaching.

Internship Semester

You can find more information on school internships (in German) on the website of the Zentrum für Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung (ZfL).