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It’s that time of year again… our Theatre in English students are excited to present to you The Vampire Play, our very own adaptation and modernization of the 1923 script of Dracula by Hamilton Deane.

At the dawn of the 21st century, Count Dracula has grown tired of his castle in Transylvania and hears of the fascinating city of London. He decides to seek out a new hunting ground with the help of estate agent Josephine Harker and her wife Wilhelmina, a lawyer. But the Count did not count on the interference of Dr Van of Amsterdam, with his newly-founded team VHS Paranormal Investigators. Will VHS prove to be a worthy opponent to the Count? Come find out as we present The Vampire PlaySaturday 16 December at 19.00 and Sunday 17 December at 14.30. As always, admission is free, and donations are always appreciated.

Trigger warnings: flashing lights, loud noises, depictions of violence.

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