Project Work 2023

How is the whole process of Project Work going to work with students who will be abroad next term?

You should also decide and apply for one of the projects on offer, even if you are planning to go abroad. We have always conceived of Project Work as a module in your fifth semester that you can easily take abroad with you. If you are actually going, the ‘normal’ deadlines do not apply, and you can finish and hand in your paper after your return. Ask your supervisor, and they will arrange the details with you. What is necessary, however, is your careful preparation during the summer, which should not be postponed.

Am I bound in my choice to the discipline – either Literature or Linguistics – in which I am writing my Module 5 Term Paper in the fourth semester?

No, you are not. You are absolutely free to now go for the other field, or to stick to the one you have already worked in. For those of you planning to write their bachelors thesis in the English Department, however, it might be advisable to choose Project Work in the direction of that potential BA-Thesis. Some supervisors strongly favour this preparatory choice (inquire with the supervisor of your choice), although we have accepted others in some cases. As our general ground rules have it, this Project Work is the best preparation for an informed and sensible choice for your bachelor thesis topic.

Will I be accepted in the course of my choice?

Usually, most students' requests for specific courses can be granted. In case that some courses face an unusually high number of registrations, lecturers will be in close contact with each other to ensure a fair distribution of students across courses. In that case, supervisors will be in touch with you individually. If we have to reassign students to other courses, we usually go by the principle of first come, first served, so you might want to register earlier rather than later.

When will I know whether I have been accepted and registered?

We will contact you to confirm your registration before the exam weeks are over.

Information on project work as part of Module 7 (BA English) for the fall semester 2023/24

In the English compulsory module 7, you have the opportunity to practice research techniques on the basis of Anglo-American literature or linguistics with your own specialization.

The following regulations apply:

The project work (like the BA thesis in English) can only be written in the sub-disciplines of literary studies and linguistics. The areas of Cultural Studies and TEFL are not eligible.

  • Those who do their project work in the field of "literature" can usually only write their BA thesis on a literary topic.
  • Those who do their project work in the field of "linguistics" can usually only write their BA thesis on a linguistic topic.

The project work offers, among other things, the opportunity for preliminary studies for a meaningful BA thesis in English. In any case, the result of the individual project work must be documented in the form of a research paper (in English, around 10-12 pages long), which is graded and, if "passed", is credited with 5 CP and thus can form the basis for the later BA thesis (but does not have to).

The latest submission date for this written project paper is December 1st, 2023.

The selectable topic areas for fall semester 2023/24 can also be found below. In fall 2023/24 the eligible supervisors are Prof. Dr. Birgit Dawes, Prof. Dr. Michelle Witen, Dr. Sibylle Machat, Dr. Rebekka Rohleder, Dr. Johannes Schmid, Prof. Dr. Olaf Jäkel, Christie Heike (M.Ed.).

Since the number of participants in the topic areas of the individual lecturers are limited, timely registration is essential. The relevant lecturer will then decide on your registration and, if necessary, have this entered into the Studiport system via the secretariat. It is not possible to take the partial module without prior approval from the supervising teacher.

To register, we need the following data from you:

  1. Name and matriculation number
  2. Grades in Module 1 and Module 3; Specification of the homework written/planned in the 4th semester (module 5) (title of the work and area: literature or linguistics)
  3. Subject area you are registering for
  4. a statement as to whether you intend to do your BA thesis in English (those who are still undecided should answer "yes")

Your binding registration by e-mail should be sent to the relative supervisor from June 13, 2023 from 2:00 p.m. (in the week after the information event) to June 23, 2023. Previous registration attempts are not taken into account.

Prof. Dr. O.Jäkel
(responsible for module)

Project Work Topic Areas

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