Master theses

At our professorship we can only supervise economic-related papers. The driving force in the process of finding a topic needs to be the student himself/herself. We would like to encourage you to tell us about your own ideas and fields of interest. Topics in the areas of international, institutional and development economics are preferred. The list of former Bachelor theses topics might give you an idea about how suitable research questions could look like.

Field of International Economics

  • EU-Georgia Relations: Increased Economic and political Cooperation or accelerated Movement toward Accession?
  • The Euro and its Effect on Small-and-medium-sized Enterprises in the EU
  • Competetiveness of Small and Medium sized Enterprizes in the Tourism Sector. Case Study: Greece
  • The flexible multinational Enterprise - The Interplay of Strategy and Institutions
  • The Effects of the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Peru: The Case of the Service Sector
  • Networks in International Trade (in German)
  • Is the Gravity Equation a Specific Trade Theory? Review of Theoretical Analyses
  • Common Agriculture Policy and its implication to China
  • Corporate Culture in International Mergers and Acquisitions: National Cultures, Conflicts and Integration
  • Internationalization of small- and medium-sized Enterprises in Macedonia
  • (in German)
  • Vietnam Economic Relations with the EU
  • Organisational Alternatives of Outsourcing
  • The Implications of Globalization for the German Labor Market (in German)
  • Internationalization strategies in the automobile industry: the case of Volkswagen in Russia (in German)
  • An Analysis of the Interaction of Cultural Globalization and Corruption
  • Ethnic Diversity and Economic Performance: Evidence from the European Union
  • Migration and the Labor Market: The Case of Greece
  • Internationalization Strategies in the Automobile Industry: The Case of Volkswagen in Russia
  • The Euro and Its Effect on Small- and Medium-sized Enterprise in the EU
  • The Flexible Multinational Enterprise - The Interplay of Strategy and Institutions
  • The Effects of the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Peru: The Case of the Service Sector

Field of Institutional Economics

  • The Relationship between Corporate Identity and Change Management as basis for effective Corporate Governance - an Ethical View based on the New Institutional Economics (in German)
  • Good Governance & Foreign Direct Investment
  • The Causes and Implications of Corruption on the example of Argentina
  • (in German)
  • The Challenges for a potential future World Environment Organisation from the New-Institutional-Economics Point of View (in German)
  • A Comparison of Economic Models Between China and India
  • Making the Transition End? Social Capital and Its Impact on Democratic Institutions in Macedonia

Field of Development Economics

  • Doing Business with the Poor - Poverty Reduction through Business?
  • The Implications of Drug-Trafficking on the Development of Colombia (in German)

Topics at the Interface between Politics and Economics

  • A Cross-Cultural Study of Economics of Language Amongst Multilingual European Union Cititzens, Candidate Chitizens and Potential Candidate
  • The European Union in the 21th Century: Between Scylla and Charybdis?
  • Implications of the Climate Change on the Political Stability of India 
  • (in German)

Others (Environment, Culture, Business and Corporate Ethics)

  • Impact of the financial and debt crisis on the development of renewable energy in the European Union - the example of Ireland
  • Change of the Entrepreneurial Views in today's Slovenia (in German)
  • The Culture of Corruption. A discussion of Corruption in Interrelation with Cultural Globalization
  • Integrative Business Ethics in the Digital Economy - Implications of Internet-based Information and Communication Technologies on Ethically Correct Economic Activity (in German)
  • Media Ethics: Complement or Substitute for State Regulations?
  • (in German)
  • From Managers' Moral to Corporate Ethics -Opportunities and Risks for the Plansecur Group (in German)
  • Impact of the Financial and Debt Crisis on the Development of Renewable Energy in the European Union: The Example of Ireland