Bachelor and Master Theses

We supervise both Bachelor and Master theses on topics drawn from the field of international economics, and in particular on topics that match the research focus of our department. If you would like to write your thesis under our supervision, we kindly invite you to carefully read the following information first.

1) We expect that your thesis will have, as point of departure, an existing research paper from the relevant literature. The job of your thesis is to critically and independently evaluate, and extend, said research paper. The extension is given more weight in a Master thesis than in a Bachelor thesis. The selection of the underlying research paper is of crucial importance for the success of your thesis.

2) To apply for a thesis, you have to contact us by March 1st for the spring semester or by September 1st for the fall semester. Please write an email with your CV, your transcript of records, and your desired topic to the secretariat (Ms. Sagafe). Please briefly justify the selection of the topic and the underlying research paper in the email and outline your work plan with the help of an exposé (between half a page and one page in length). Here you find a continuously updated list of possible topics for theses and associated research papers. Your own suggestions for topics based on research papers that are not on the list are welcome if the quality requirements are met.

3) After the deadline has expired, you will receive an answer to your application within one week. Your supervisor will critically discuss your exposé with you and you will reach a mutual agreement with your supervisor on the precise topic and problem statement of your thesis.

4) Writing your thesis under our supervision requires attending our Bachelor/Master Kolloquium (see courses). Registration runs separately via the examination office/Studiport. In the Kolloquium, you will receive fundamental input on how to write a thesis at our department; we also use the Kolloquium for an academic exchange on the various theses projects we are currently supervising.