Overview of selected written bachelor theses at our department

At our professorship we can only supervise economic-related papers. The driving force in the process of finding a topic needs to be the student himself/herself. We would like to encourage you to tell us about your own ideas and fields of interest. Topics in the areas of international, institutional and development economics are preferred. The list of former Bachelor theses topics might give you an idea about how suitable research questions could look like.

Field of International Economics

  • Opportunities and threats for German enterprises in the Cuban food product market (in German)
  • Foreign Direct Investment. Illusory Hope for Growth in Latin America? 
    (in German)
  • Direct Investments in China (in German)
  • Chinese Direct Investment in Latin America (in German)
  • The Pros and Cons for Chile of the Free Trade Agreement wit the USA
    (in German)
  • Mexico after Ten Years of Regional Integration in the NAFTA (in German)
  • Regional Economic Integration: A comparison between the ASEAN and MERCOSUR
  • CEPAL: Ambitions and Reality - Influence and Implementation of the Integration Plan of CEPAL in the Daily Life of Political Economics in Latin America (in German)
  • The Implications of the MERCOSUR for Argentina (in German)
  • The European Union as Regional Integration Agreement - Does the Spanish Accession to the EU lead to a more successful Spanish Economy? 
    (in German)
  • The US and China: An Interdependent Relationship? An Examination of Aspects of External Trade and the Government Bond Market (in German)
  • International Trade between Schleswig-Holstein and Latin America
    (in German)
  • Comparison of Theories of Multinational Enterprises (in German)
  • Analysis of the Fixed Exchange Rate of the People's Republic of China
    (in German)
  • Fair Trade - A Way of Organizing International Trade Relations in Times of Globalization - An Analysis of the Coffee Trade Example
  • The Effect of Industrial Countries' Agricultural Policy on Developing Countries
  • Trade and Developing Countries: An Analysis based on South America's transition from ISI to the Washington Consensus
  • Trade and Development - Selected Issues

 Field of Institutional Economics

  • The Cuban Transformation: the right way for Cuba? (in German)
  • Analysis of elitist interest in the tertiary training system in Chile (in German)
  • Chile between democracy and dictatorship - game theoretic analysis of the military coup of 1973 (in German)
  • Institutional Economic Analysis of the Economic Development of Denmark and Uruguay (in German)
  • Networks - A Bridge over or the Reason for Institutional and Cultural Barriers of Trade (in German)
  • Conditions for a Successful Adaption of the Agricultural Sector of the CEEC Candidate Countries: A Comparative Institutional Analysis of Lithuania with regard to the EU (in German)
  • Analysis of Institutional Differences between Chile and Argentina with Special Focus on Corruption (in German)
  • Negative externalities in the Transport Sector using the Example of "Umweltplakette"
  • The Role of Institutions in Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Sub-Saharan Africa and Its Implications for the Development of the Region

Field of Development Economics

  • Which role does the middle class play in the process of development: An analysis under special consideration of Columbia (in German)
  • The "Bolsa Familia Programme": Chance for sustainable combat of poverty in Brazil (in German)
  • Human capital and economic development using the example of Mexico (in German)
  • Development aid: a selective analysis (in German)
  • The role of investments in education and health care for sustainable growth in Brazil (in German)
  • Traffic infrastructure and economy using the example of Columbian commercial transport (in German)
  • Trade and Developing Countries : An Analysis based on South America's Transition from ISI to the Washington Consensus
  • Wasted resources!? An analysis of the waste system of Bucamaranga and its influencing factors under special consideration of the 'recycling of synthetics' (in German)
  • Development Aid - an Effective Way towards Development? (in German)
  • Education and Economic Development: A Comparison of Chile and Peru
  • (in German)
  • The Paradox of Plenty - Discussion and Case Study (in German)
  • Chile: The Paradox of Plenty? (in German)
  • China's engagement in Africa - curse or blessing?
  • The Impact of Water in the Middle East and Northern Africa on the Economic Development Process regarding the Example of Egypt 
  • (in German)
  • EPAs and the Development of Sub-Saharan Africa (in German)
  • Microcredits - the Best Approach of Development Aid? (in German)
  • The Significance of Micro and Small Enterprises in Ethiopia: A country-specific Analysis of Micro Enterprise Development and its contribution to employment creation and poverty alleviation
  • The Second Generation of Biofuels as "Big Green Hope" for Developing Countries? A Development-Economic View on the Potential of Sustainable Biofuels (in German)
  • Biofuels and their Contribution to Sustainability (in German)
  • The Significance of Currency Substitution in Developing Countries
  • Regional Integration in Latin America - A Comparison of South-South and North-South Cooperations as Instruments for Economic Development
  • (in German)
  • Democracy and long-term Development Success (in German)
  • Which factors have determined South Korea's rapid post World War II growth - and can other developing countries learn from the example? (in German)
  • Volunteer-Tourism: who benefits? (in German)
  • The impact of microcredits on combating poverty in Mexico
  • Does development aid contribute to the alleviation of global poverty? The Sachs-Easterly-debate (in German)
  • What is the role of middle classes in development processes? An analyse with the case of Columbia (in German)
  • Freedom Consolidation in Colombia? (A Case Study of a Peace Community with Regard to its Relevance for the National Peace Process)
  • Volunteer-Tourism - Who is Making Profit?
  • Which Factors Have Been Fundamental in South Korea's Rapid Growth Since the Second World War - And Is There a Lesson to be Learned for Other Developing Countries?
  • Diagnosis: Growth Diagnostics. Remedy: Charter Cities? (An Examination of Two Development Concepts and Their Application to Honduras)
  • Is Development Aid Contributing to the Overcoming of World Poverty? (The Sachs-Easterly Debate)
  • The Impact of Micro-Credits on Combating Poverty in Mexico
  • Which Role Does the Middle Class Play in the Development Process? (An Analysis with Special Consideration of Colombia)
  • Rising Global Food Prices - An Assessment of Impacts and Responses for Developing Countries in the Light of the Global Food Price Crisis 2007/08
  • Wasted resources? An analysis of Bucaramanga's waste disposal system and influencing factors under special consideration of recycling of plastics (in German)
  • Have Hugo Chavez' social programs contributed to the reduction of social inequality?
  • Transport infrastructure and economics: the case of Columbia's freight traffic

Field of Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics

  • Prosperity without growth? Elements of the current debate (in German)
  • Economic effects of corruption in Romania (in German)
  • Flexibilization of the Spanish labour market - a response to unemployment? An analysis on the basis of the insider-outsider model (in German)
  • Currency stability in Argentina and Brazil in this day and age (in German)Minimum wage: Boon or bane for staff in the FRG's low wage sector (preliminary) (in German)
  • Rising Global Food Prices
  • The Subprime Crisis and its Impact on Chile (in German)
  • The Asian Financial Crisis 1997 and the Different Response Strategies of Thailand and Malaysia (in German)
  • The Taylor Rule and its application before and during the Financial Crisis
  • The Savings Pattern in Selected Industrialised and Emerging Countries - A Comparative Analysis (in German)
  • The Euro! A Reserve Currency? (in German)
  • Will the Euro replace the US-Dollar as the new Reserve Currency?
  • (in German)
  • The Impact of Inflation Differentials in the Euro-zone on its Members, especially on Spain and Germany (in German)
  • Criticism of the Use of the Gross Domestic Product as a Measure for Welfare (A study on what the GDP does not include, what defines a Welfare State and on the need for introducing an alternative measure of welfare)
  • International capital flows after the banking crisis 2008: A comparison Germany - USA (in German)
  • The minimum wage: blessing or curse for employees in the German low-pay sector? (in German)
  • Social-democratic supply policy - a road towards Scandinavia? (in German)
  • The US-American policies after the economic and financial crisis 2007/08: an assessment from a Keynesian perspective (in German)
  • The influence of FDI on the recipient country's labor market (in German)
  • Religion and Economic Growth: Evidence from the MENA Region
  • Development of the Turkish economy after 2002 (in German)
  • Russia's automobil industry: An an analysis of its competetiveness and potential from an economics perspective

Topics at the Interface of Economics and Politics

  • Labor Unions. A Comparison of Theory and Reality (in German)
  • Peace-Building in Columbia? Case Study of the Impact of a "Comunidad de Paz" on the National Peace-Building Process (in German)
  • Analysis and Discussin of the Columbian Armed Conflict regarding the Collier/Hoeffler-Model (in German)
  • The Politics of the European Union Accession of Turkey
  • The Georgian-Russian Crisis (The Interests of Superpowers in South Caucasus and the Consequences for the Georgian Economy)

Others (Environment, Culture, Business and Corporate Ethics)

  • Qualitative analysis for the establishment of a training centre in the wind energy sector in Northern Germany
  • An Analysis of Biogenic Fuels in Brazil and Germany - Evaluation of the Potential of Bioethanol for Brazil and Biodiesel for Germany and Presentation of their Economic Importance (in German)
  • The Social Responsability of Companies and Globalizaton - A Report about the European Union's Laws (in Spanish)
  • Corporate Ethics and Human Rights in the International Context (in German)
  • Implications of the Panama Canal (in German)