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Europa-Universität Flensburg
Energie- und Umweltmanagement
z.H. Christian Hauenstein
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Curriculum vitae

Christian Hauenstein (m) is research associate at Europa-Universität Flensburg since April 2021 (2018-2021 at TU Berlin), and PhD student at Technische Universität (TU) Berlin. Furthermore, he is guest researcher at TU Berlin since 2021 and at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) Berlin since 2018. Since 2020, he is a scholarship holder of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

He holds a M.Sc.degree in Renewable Energy Engineering and Management (2017) and a B.Sc. in Environmental Natural Sciences (2015) from the University of Freiburg.

In his research, he focuses on socio-ecological transformations of the energy system, and in particular on the phase-out of fossil fuels. He combines quantitative techno-economic modelling with qualitative approaches of political science to assess pathways to overcome the carbon lock-in of the current energy system.




  • Hauenstein, C. (2022/02/23): "Stranded Assets in the Coal Export Industry? The Case of the Australian Galilee Basin", DIW Berlin seminar presentation, held online (Berlin, Germany)
  •  Hauenstein, C. (2021/11/09-12): "Coal phase out process in Germany", POCACITO: Beyond Fossil Fuels - Just Transition in Colorado/Arizona/California and Germany, held online (Denver/Phoenix/Los Angeles, USA)
  • Hauenstein, C. (2021/07/08): "The potential of collaborative institutions for major policy change – Lessons from the German ‘Coal Commission’", 5th International Conference on Public Policy, held online (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Hauenstein, C. (2021/06/23): "The U.S. coal sector between shale gas and renewables: Last resort coal exports?", 26th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, held online (Berlin, Germany)
  • Hauenstein, C. (2021/06/14): "Coal mining investments on shaky grounds: Avoiding overcapacities of coal supply", 39th International Energy Workshop, held online (Freiburg, Germany)
  • Hauenstein, C. (2020/11/20): "Climate policies and stranded assets risk: Prospects for thermal coal production assets under global coal phase-out scenarios", PhD-Seminar on the Economics of Fossil Fuel Phase-out, Dialog zur Klimaökonomie, held online (Kiel, Germany)
  • Hauenstein, C. (2020/08/19): "The potential of collaborative institutions for major policy change – Lessons from the German ‘Coal Commission’", 11th International Sustainability Transitions Conference, held online (Vienna, Austria)
  • Hauenstein, C. (2020/02/18): "Integrated coal scenarios for the U.S. case - Assessment from a sectoral perspective", PEGASOS Workshop "Frontiers in modeling fossil fuels phase-out and stranded assets: a political economy perspective", Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
  • Hauenstein, C. (2019/10/07): "Forecasting climate change mitigation measures", Workshop "Forecasting Cultures", Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
  • Hauenstein, C. (2019/08/27): "Coal Phase Out Implications for Steam Coal Producers: The Risk of Asset Stranding", 16th IAEE European Conference, University of Ljubljana
  • Hauenstein, C. (2018/11/01): "Declining Coal Production in the U.S. - Will the New U.S. Energy Policy Change the Tide?", Trans-Atlantic Infraday Conference, Washington DC, USA

Supervised theses

  • The Czech coal phase-out – Analysis of drivers and barriers for a sustainable energy Transition (2021), Master thesis
  • The economics and engineering of CO2 pipeline Systems (2021), Master thesis
  • Developing an International Coal Transition Index to Evaluate the Progress of Energy Transition (2019), Bachelor thesis
  • Carbon Dioxide Removal – Techno-Economic Review (2019), Bachelor thesis