Applying to Pursue a Doctorate

Europa-Universität Flensburg awards the following doctoral degrees:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Dr. phil.) as well as
  • Doctor of Economics (Dr. rer. pol.).

Prospective doctoral students can pursue a doctorate at EUF if the topic and methodology of the proposed dissertation falls into Europa-Universität Flensburg’s represented. In order to apply for doctoral study at EUF, you must have already found a doctoral supervisor at EUF who has accepted your proposed research topic.

The terms "doctoral study" and "doctoral procedure" carry different meanings:

  • Doctoral study refers to yourofficial enrollment as a doctoral student. Doctoral student status comes with your correct and timely enrollment at Europa-Universität Flensburg. Prospective doctoral students must apply for admission to doctoral study via the university’s central online application procedure.
  • The doctoral procedure refers to the doctoral activity itself: that is, preparing, writing and defending the dissertation (disputation). The doctoral committee of EUF is exclusively responsible for admitting doctoral students to the doctoral procedure. Information about the doctoral procedure can be found in the doctoral regulations. You will find a complete overview of doctoral study at EUF on our doctoral research webpages.

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Application deadlines

Application deadlines

Fall Semester enrollment:

May 15 Application period opens
November 15 Application deadline

für das Frühjahrssemester gilt:

December 01 Application period opens
April 15 Application deadline

Application Process

Application Process

To apply for admission to a degree program at Europa-Universität Flensburg, you must complete two steps:

1.            Go through the required steps in our online application portal.

2.            Send in all necessary application documents.

In the online application, enter all the personal information required of prospective doctoral students.  Once you finish the online application, print out the application form, which contains your personal application number, more information about the procedure, and your login username and password for the application portal. It also contains a link to the application instructions for your degree program and a list of the documents required program. As a final application step, you need to mail in the paper copies of your application form and all required documents to the EUF admissions office. Please note: The documents must be received by EUF no later than the application deadline; the date when you completed the online application, or the date when the documents were postmarked, is not relevant. You will find the address to which you must send the documents pre-printed on the application form.

After it receives your application, the university will review all your documents. You can then check for yourself in the application portal whether your application is complete, or whether any documents are missing—in which case you will receive an email from the admissions office informing you that your application status has changed. Please note: you must submit any missing documents listed in the application portal by the application deadline. Late submissions after the application deadline has passed will not be accepted.

How the online application works

You may only apply for one restricted-admission degree program (or a combined restricted-admission degree program). If you apply for several applications for admission-restricted programs, during the selection process the university will only consider your most recent application processed by the admissions office. Berit: this text is in the "Bewerbung Promotion" page. Is it relevant to PhD students???

Please note: Online applications submitted before the official application start date cannot be considered. This also applies for applications received after the application deadline. You are entirely responsible for ensuring that the university receives your application by the deadline 

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Application Documents

Applicants for doctoral study are required to submit all required documents listed in the information sheet for doctoral studies to the Admissions Office of Europa-Unviersität Flensburg, either in person or by postal mail.

Please note: Your application documents must include the notification letter you received from the doctoral committee, indicating that you have been admitted as a doctoral student at EUF. Without this letter of admission, you will not be granted admission to the university as a doctoral student.

Your application for doctoral study must include all of the following documents:

  • Printouts of the documents resulting from the online application process
  • A simple copy of your university entrance qualification (e.g. high school diploma)
  • A simple copy of your university degree certificate (e.g. your master's degree)

A simple copy of your letter of notification from the EUF Doctoral Committee granting you admission as a doctoral candidate at EUF.

International Applicants

International Applicants

All applicants must complete the online application procedure of Europa-Universität Flensburg.

To apply for admission to doctoral study at EUF (see the tab "Admission Requirements"), you must submit certified copies of your university degree certificate(s), as well as certified German or English translations of those documents.

Please submit any documents issued outside of Germany (foreign documents) to the doctoral committee as early as possible.

If the university cannot verify these documents directly, the doctoral committee will need to send them to the central office in Bonn. The verification process there can take several months.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact:

+49 461 805 2772
Gebäude Helsinki
HEL 011
Auf dem Campus 1a
Post code / City
24943 Flensburg

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

First of all, prospective doctoral students are required to apply for admission to the doctoral procedure directly through the doctoral committee of Europa-Universität Flensburg. Information on this can be obtained from the doctoral committee office.

As soon as the committee has positively evaluated your application, you will be admitted as a doctoral candidate at EUF.

After that, you must enroll as a doctoral student as soon as possible.

You may enroll after you have completed the online application and received a letter of admission.

For this application, only the periods mentioned in the menu item "Application Deadlines" apply.

There are no application deadlines for admission to the doctoral procedure itself. You may apply to the doctoral committee for admission the doctoral procedure at any time.

Second Degree

Second Degree

Doctoral study is not a "second degree" (Zweitstudium).

Please answer "no" to the question in the online application procedure asking whether you are a second-degree applicant.

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