Application Forms, Instructions, and Information Sheets

Europa-Universität Flensburg provides downloadable application instructions and information materials for all of its degree programs. Be sure to read the one for your chosen program before you apply! You'll find important application information and degree-specific lists of all required application documents.

The document list below is only partial. To see all downloads for all programs, please switch languages.

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Bachelor's Programs

Filename Category Date Size / type
B.A. European Cultures and Society - Application guidelines 05/14/2024 363 KB (PDF)

For Application Information for B.A. International Management - BWL and B.A. Educational Sciences please switch to German version.

Master’s Programs

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Filename Category Date Size / type
How to apply at the application portal? 12/15/2022 1 MB (PDF)
M.A. Culture-Language-Media - Application Guidelines 03/21/2024 225 KB (PDF)
M.A. European Studies - Application guidelines 04/29/2024 198 KB (PDF)

Doctoral Study

Filename Category Date Size / type
Doctoral study at EUF - Application guidelines 12/03/2021 1 MB (PDF)

Further Information for Applicants

The German version of this page contains application forms and/or information sheets for the following topics:

  • Hardship compensation 
  • Compensation for disadvantages 
  • Withdrawal (post-admission/post-enrollment)
  • Registration fee refunds
  • Admission to an advanced semester
  • Switch into a different version examination regulations
  • Notarizing documents
  • Hardship cases
  • Application process guidelines
  • Student admissions bylaws