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Advising and Information

Scholarship InfoEvent: Get Yourself a Scholarship! | Hol' Dir Dein Stipendium!

Scholarship InfoEvent: Get Yourself a Scholarship! | Hol' Dir Dein Stipendium!

It’s worth searching out appropriate scholarships to help finance your studies, especially when you first start your new degree program. In addition to financial support, scholarships tend to offer other kinds of intangible support such as the chance to participate in seminar programs, mentoring, career placement assistance, and so on.

The Student Guidance and Counseling Service offers group sessions about scholarship options upon request.

During its annual Student Orientation Week, EUF also offers an informational event about German foundation scholarships. There you can talk with the EUF professors who serve as on-campus representatives of various national funding foundations, and hear from other students about the advantages of different scholarship and funding options.

Doctoral Scholarships

As a doctoral student you can apply to Europa-Universität Flensburg for a Schleswig-Holstein state doctoral scholarship, or you can seek doctoral funding from an external agency.

Learn more about doctoral scholarships 

Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship

Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship

The Deutschlandstipendium supports talented and high-achieving students in all subjects at state and state-recognized universities in Germany. In addition to outstanding grades, the Deutschlandstipendium awards students with a high level of social engagement and exceptional personal achievement – such as the experience of having overcome significant personal or educational obstacles.

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Financial Aid Databases and Search Tools

Financial Aid and Scholarship Databases and Search Tools

Besides the major foundations funding gifted students, there are approximately 1,750 private and public scholarship providers for students and doctoral students. The funding criteria vary widely. For example, some scholarships are geared towards students in specific degree programs or universities, of a particular background, and so on.

Here are some links to scholarship agency databases:

Private scholarship donors include: