(2023) Digital Fashion: Posthuman Identities and the Quest for Sustainability, Keynote at the 13. Beyond Humanism Conference, University of the Aegean, Mytilini, Greece

(2023) Living the Virtual: AI Aesthetics and Being Human in Digital Fashion, presentation at the workshop A.I. Aeshetics, CFUL, University Lisbon, Portugal

(2023) Technology and Critical Theory, presentation at the symposion: Frankfurt School: Passion, Profanation, Apocalypse, University of Galway, Irland

(2023) The Gendered Body in Immersive Technologies, invited lecture at the University of Galway, Irland

(2023) Being and Becoming Bodies Today: Philosophy of Fashion and Technology, invited lecture at the lecture series: Global Humanities: Women in Philosophy, Pacific University, Forest Grove, USA

(2023) Digital Fashion and Art, public discussion at Fotografiska Days, Berlin, Germany

(2022) (Post-) Humane Zukünfte: Überschreitungsformen des Menschlichen und ihre philosophischen Implikationen, invited lecture at the University St. Gallen, Switzerland

(2022) Fashion Entanglements: Being and Becoming Bodies in the Metaverse, invited presentation in the event: Phygital Fashion, NXS Amsterdam, Netherlands

(2022) Self-Awareness in Technological Environments - A Tentative Approach to Perception in Virtual Realities, invited lecture at the international conference: Varieties of Self- Awareness, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

(2022) Human-Machine Relations: A Phenomenology of Becoming, invited lecture in the research seminar of the Institute of Philosophy, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

(2021) TV interview on the concept of fashion, Hessischer Rundfunk, Alles Wissen, 25.03.2021

(2020) Radio Interview on Georg Simmel's "Philosophy of Fashion", WDR Zeitzeichen, 05.04.2020