International Online Maths Camps


Join with students and mathematicians from six different countries for some interesting mathematics and cultural exchanges.

Online Mini Camp Session on Saturday, 8th July

There will be a special session led by Swedish and German university maths students on Saturday, 8th July for Australian and German students. Please register online below. You will receive further info and the meeting link via email after your registration. Here are the local times: 

German Time: 10:00 am

Australian Central Time (Darwin, Adelaide): 5:30 pm

Australian Eastern Time (Sydney, Canberra): 6:00 pm

Online Registration for the Online Mini Camp Session on 8th July

Online Registration for 8th July

Upcoming Follow-up Sessions

There will be some follow-up sessions (exact local times and details follow soon): 

Friday, 30th June/Saturday, 1st July: Extension session for Australia (Saturday, 1st July, morning) and USA (Friday, 30th June, afternoon); participants from Germany are welcome, but it will be late at night for you.

Saturday, 8th July: Mini Camp Session Germany, Sweden (morning), Australia (afternoon); participants from the US are welcome, but it will be late at night for you.

Friday, 14th June/Saturday, 15th July: Extension session for Australia (Saturday, 15th July, morning) and USA (Friday, 14th July, afternoon); participants from Germany are welcome, but it will be late at night for you.

Previous Camps

Mini Online Camp Session on 24th June 2023

There was be a Mini Online Camp Session of about 90 minutes on 24th June. The local times are:

American Central Daylight Time: Saturday, 24th June, 9:00 am

German Time: Saturday, 24th June, 16:00

Australian Central Time (Darwin, Adelaide): Saturday, 24th June: 11:30 pm   

Australian Eastern Time (Sydney, Canberra): Sunday, 25th June: 0:00 am

Mini Online Camp Series June 2023

1. Session: Friday, 9th June/Saturday, 10th June: Counting with Binomials

Australien Central Time: 8:30am (10th June), Australian Eastern Time: 9:00am (10th June),

American Central daylight time: 6:00pm (9 th June),

Japan time: 8:00am (10th June), German time: 1:00am (night from 9th June to 10th June)

International Online Maths Camp in March 2023

Dateiname Kategorie Datum Größe / Typ
Code of Conduct 17.03.2023 153 KB (PDF)
Invitation (for German students) 13.03.2023 226 KB (PDF)
Maths Camp Notice (for all countries) 15.03.2023 192 KB (PDF)


Session 3 (Friday, March 31/Saturday, April 1): You can find the material for Graph Colouring World and for Decomposition Tree World below.

You can also find the solutions for Topology World and for SET-Game World below.

Material Downloads

Dateiname Kategorie Datum Größe / Typ
Geometry 25.03.2023 2 MB (PDF)
Material for Decomposition Tree World 31.03.2023 212 KB (PDF)
Material for Graph Colouring World 29.03.2023 133 KB (PDF)
Material for Session 3 Warmup 29.03.2023 88 KB (PDF)
Solutions for SET-Game World 29.03.2023 188 KB (PDF)
Solutions for Topology World 22.03.2023 269 KB (PDF)
Worksheets for SET-Game World 22.03.2023 183 KB (PDF)


Date   Participating Countries Local Times Topics
March 18 Europe (Germany, Spain, Wales) and USA

Germany and Spain: 16:00-19:00

Wales: 15:00-18:00

USA (Central Time): 10:00-13:00

World 1: Prof. Dr. Sofya Lyakhova: Topology

World 2: Prof. Dr. Uwe Leck, Felix Leck: Combinatorics

March 25 Europe (Germany, Spain, Wales) and Asia (Japan, Australia)

Germany,: 10:00-13:00

Wales: 9:00-12:00 

Japan: 18:00-21:00

Australia (NT): 18:30-21:30 

World 3: Dr. Michael Schmitz: SET Game World

World 4: Prof. Dr. Hinrich Lorenzen: Geometry

March 31/April 1 USA and Asia (Japan, Australia)

USA (Central Time): Friday, 31st March, 18:30-21:30 

Japan: Saturday, 1st April, 8:30-11:30

Darwin (Australia, NT): Saturday, 1st April, 9:00-12:00

Canberra (ACT): Saturday, 1st April, 10:30 am - 1:30 pm

World 5: Prof. Dr. PJ Couch: Decomposition Tree World

World 6: Dr. Ian Roberts: Graph Colouring World