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Research Colloquium | Prof. Dr. Chris Thornhill (Law, University of Manchester) and Prof. Dr. Hauke Brunkhorst (Sociology)

RIG 601 & online

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Im Rahmen des ICES Research Colloquiums halten Prof Dr. Christopher Thornhill und Prof. Dr. Hauke Brunkhorst einen Vortrag mit dem Thema: "Militarism and the Riddle of all constitutions!"

In world society all wars are world wars, and so is the present war in Ukraine even if the use of violence is still restricted to the Ukrainian area. World society emerged between 1750 and 1850 together with the first world wars and world revolutions which were fought on all continents and oceans. Yet, only a second wave of world revolutions and world wars between 1900 and 1950 caused the rise of autonomous world law that enabled a now interrupted but still lasting global process of fully inclusive democratization. However, the rise of world law 1945 was followed by its fall after 1989, and the present wars in Ukraine and beyond come close to a complete destruction of world law. There is only a small chance to an end of the use of violence in Ukraine that cannot lead to sufficient victory of one of the warring parties but to a reconstruction and new foundation of world law and the constitutional order of the world. 

Webex-Link: https://uni-flensburg.webex.com/uni-flensburg/j.php?MTID=ma84d453061d9af5138b2f7a5994c419c


RIG 601 & online