ICES Research Colloquium HeSe 23/24

The ICES Research Kolloquium is intended to provide an opportunity for all ICES members and colleagues to present research projects, whether planned, in progress or completed.

Sessions will be chaired by Prof. Monika Eigmüller.

Date Presenter Title
12.10. Iulia Patrut (Professor of Modern German Literature in the European Context) Europa-Forschung in der Literaturwissenschaft. Theorieprobleme und interdisziplinäre Anschlussmöglichkeiten
19.10. Karolina Barglowski (Professor for Sociology of Migration, TU Dortmund) tba
02.11. Mikhail Ordin (Guest researcher ICES/KURS) "The effect of bilingual and cultural experience on metacognition and decision-making"
08.11. (Wednesday) Michelle Witen (Professor of English and Irish Literature) Inauguration of the Centre for Irish Studies
23.11. Florian Hertel (Professor Social Sciences Methods) "Denied or promoted access to Higher Education? How admission systems stratify study decisions in Germany"
30.11. - 01.12. (TAL) The future of European studies: teaching, research and international collaboration
07.12. Petek Our (Post-Doc Researcher at ICES) "Modesty and Memories of Feminity: Women`s Home-Dressmaking in Turkey, Greece and Italy in 1950-1970"
14.12. Dr. Sergiusz Biber (ECMI) & Craig Willis (PhD candidate EUF Sociology department/ ECMI) Minority languages and football clubs: a comparison of the linguistic landscape and language practices of 10 professional clubs and their fans across Europe

The colloquium will take a hybrid form unless otherwise noted.: in-person in RIGA 601 and via Webex with the following link .