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Once you have been accepted to the European Studies master's programme, you can arrange everything for moving to Flensburg.


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In case you will not find your answer here, please contact us via email: eustudies-PleaseRemoveIncludingDashes-@uni-flensburg.de

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The programme coordinator answers subject-specific questions about your degree programme.

+49 461 805 2639
Gebäude Tallinn 1
TAL 119
Auf dem Campus 1b
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24943 Flensburg
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Our institute

Visit the website of the International Institute of Management and Economic Education for more information about the institute that M.A. European Studies belongs to.

For questions about examinations:

For questions about exams please contact the Exams’ Office.

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If you have general questions about your studies at EUF, or ones concerning other subjects or disciplines, please contact the "Student Guidance and Counselling Service".

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Before & after you arrive

Our International Centre provides you with a lot of important and interesting information about coming to Flensburg and what to consider before you do! Visit their page to find out more about financing of your studies, support services, steps you have to take before arriving in Flensburg and administrative steps after your arrival. You can find their page here.