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The Social Dynamics of Climate Change

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Stefan Aykut at the Danish Central Library

Currently, limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius does not seem plausible. This is the main finding of a pivotal study by the Excellence Cluster "Climate, Climate Change, and Society" (CLICCS) published in February 2023 by the Universität Hamburg. The 60 researchers involved in this cluster have devised a framework that examines the social and political drivers of a global transformation towards climate neutrality and estimates how plausible a climate turnaround is based on the dynamics of these drivers. What sets this study apart is its integration of social science and natural science analyses within a unified approach. The study concludes that it appears improbable that the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement will be met.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Aykut, a co-author of the study, holds the Mercator Foundation Chair in Sociology at the Universität Hamburg with a particular focus on the societal dynamics of ecological transformation. Invited by the Norbert Elias Center for Transformation Design & Research and the Department of Energy and Environmental Management at Europa-Universität Flensburg, he will present the findings of the study, explore the implications of the feasibility analysis for the 1.5-degree target, and examine the societal hurdles, levers and opportunities for a socio-ecological transformation. In addition to examining the global scenario, Prof. Dr. Aykut will also delve into Germany's climate transition.

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Prof. Dr. Stefan Aykut, Universität Hamburg (Cliccs)

"The Social Dynamics of Climate Change"

Tuesday, Sept 12, 2023, 6.00 p.m.

Dansk Centralbibliotek [Danish Central Library], Blauer Saal [Blue Room]

The lecture will be given in English.