Press releases of Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF)

Flying Caps from Sønderborg

International Institute for Management and Economic Education celebrates in a lively ceremony

Once again, the caps were flying. On Friday, October 6, management graduates of Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF) participated in the traditional "cap throwing," tossing their black graduation caps high into the air. A longstanding ritual in the United States and the United Kingdom, the cap-tossing tradition was brought to EUF via the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Sønderborg. 

People living in foreign lands needn't be strangers

In total, 119 graduates received their degrees, with 56 obtaining their bachelor's and 63 their master's certificates. Ulrich Glassmann, Vice-President for Europe and International Affairs at EUF, emphasized to the roughly 250 guests: "People living abroad needn't be strangers. Few places embody this spirit like Flensburg. Today, we look back on our 30+ years of joint academic collaboration with Denmark and celebrate the strength of this joint effort."

Thanks to EUF

Simon Møbert Torp, the Dean of SDU's Faculty of Humanities, stressed in his speech, "This year, our cordial cooperation was both challenged and proven. In May, it seemed we might have to close the German lines of the collaborative programs for economic reasons. Thankfully, that didn't happen. I'd like to express my gratitude to program leader Susanne Royer, the entire faculty, Vice President Ulrich Glassmann, and especially to the ever-European-minded President Werner Reinhart. It is largely thanks to their commitment and determination that our programs can continue in their German-Danish format."

Truly cosmopolitan

Susanne Royer, Professor of Strategic and International Management at EUF and program head of the German side, thanked all involved for the sustained collaboration, noting to the graduates, "With your degrees and dual degrees, you're unique. You made the cosmopolitan choice to study with one foot in Denmark and the other in Germany, or to combine international management with regional focuses like Spain/Latin America or Southern Europe."

Enlightened, open-minded, and analytical Europeans

"We are proud of you and your accomplishments as academics, cosmopolitans, and cultural intermediaries," noted Klarissa Lueg, professor of Entrepreneurial Communication at SDU and the head of the Danish program."We send you off as enlightened, open-minded, and analytically-oriented Europeans, wishing you all the best in your future endeavors."

A degree program that crosses boaders

A 1992 EU-funded INTERREG project with 68 students laid the groundwork for the successful collaboration between Europa-Universität Flensburg and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). In addition to joint research and teaching projects, collaborative International Management degree programs are the cornerstone of the two universities' joint effort. Students spend most of one semester at a foreign partner institution. Throughout their bachelor's or master's studies, they participate in an integrated international program, spending half the week at EUF in Flensburg, Germany and the other half at SDU in Sønderborg, Denmark. Both International Management programs offer dual-degree opportunities at the bachelor's and master's levels, merging economic expertise with cultural, economic, and linguistic competencies.

Degree programs