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Flensburg, Strasbourg and Málaga: Studying Europe the European Way

Europa-Universität Flensburg launches the trinational Bachelor Plus degree program Transcultural European Studies: Languages, Cultures, Interactions (TES)

One cultural area, three countries; one degree program, three languages; one certificate, three degrees: the trinational four-year bachelor's degree program "Transcultural European Studies: Languages, Cultures, Interactions (TES)" is set to launch at Europa-Universität Flensburg in Fall Semester 2023/24. At its center: Europe as a diverse and heterogeneous cultural space. Europe has grown historically and is constantly being redefined culturally. "From Asterix to Don Quixote, from rap to chanson, from film festivals to Fridays for Future, from graphic novels to contemporary theater, we analyze, among other things, the formation of Europe on the basis of pop and high cultural artifacts," explains the German program director Prof. Dr. Margot Brink. "The focus is on questions such as 'How did Europe come into being?,' 'What holds it together?' and 'What makes it tick?'

Contents, Course of studies, Career prospects

In this regard, the four-year Bachelor Plus program is a completely European degree program:

The topic: the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe, and the construction of Europe in and through culture. This theme is examined from the perspectives and with the methods of linguistics, cultural studies, literature and media studies.

The course of study: Mobile and multilingual. The languages of instruction are German, French, Spanish (and English), including foreign language courses. The program is offered at three European universities: Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF) in Germany, Université de Strasbourg (UNISTRA) in France, and the Universidad de Málaga (UMA) in Spain. Financial mobility grants are available for the study abroad period. The program is part of the Franco-German University (DFH; Université franco-allemande, UFA), an association of more than 200 German and French universities.

The degree: Trinational. The degree is jointly awarded by three European countries and the Franco-German university.

The career prospects: International. Graduates will find career opportunities at European and international cultural and educational organizations (Arte, DAAD, Deutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk, Goethe-Institut, Instituto Cervantes, and others), foundations, and in cultural mediation positions in theater, media, literature, journalism, etc. They may also opt to pursue a master's degree.

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The B.A. degree program in Transcultural European Studies: Languages, Cultures, Interactions (TES) starts in Fall Semester 2023/2024 at Europa-Universität Flensburg.​

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