Bild einer Frau, die sich Notizen macht
Bild einer Frau, die sich Notizen macht

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International breakfast and intercultural training

Orientation 13 Week welcomes 51 international students

Sausage and cheese, rolls and butter, cucumbers and tomatoes 51 incoming international exchange students had breakfast together yesterday, Tuesday 7 March. The new students were given a WELCOME BREAKFAST. The exchange students are coming from Mexico, Hungary, Austria, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Czech Republic, Palestine, France, Korea, Ukraine, USA, Albania, Japan, Ghana, Netherlands, Chile. They came to EUF to study one semester in the following subjects: Languages, German, English, teaching, European Cultures and Society, International Management, Energy and Environmental Management, special Education, Art and Theater.

[Translate to 2-English:] ORIENTATION I3 WEEK

The welcome breakfast which was attended by 80 participants is part of the ORIENTATION I3 WEEK. This orientation is not the typical orientation given by universities, The I3 stands for Information, Intercultural Awareness and inclusion. During orientation the students are not only informed about studying and living in Flensburg and EUF, but it also includes activities to help the students be included and integrated into the German and university life as well as intercultural awareness training so they may understand better the intercultural differences to help them adapt better in Germany.

[Translate to 2-English:] Welcome buddy program

As part of the integrative activities is the WELCOME BUDDY PROGRAM organized by Anna Lambert from the International Center, in cooperation with the student volunteer group LOCAL ERASMUS INITIATIVE. There are 29 pairs in the Buddy Program which has been becoming very successful since 2 years ago.