The Mini-Wheelie

The Department of Engineering and its Didactics has developed a working model in order to make the Wheelie easier "to learn". It consists of highly simplified components and has a material value of approx. € 40.00. Like the original, it has only got two wheels and can balance on the spot. At the same time, it can even be programmed by the school students. Due to the gradual reproduction of this model the school students were introduced into the functioning of the position control. 

Then, the model was embedded in lessons: Aspects, such as e.g. reading out the position sensor or controlling the gear motor, could then again be followed theoretically and practically in a didactically reduced form. In doing so, they used the same components like those used for the model. Finally, the partial aspects developed were brought together and, thus, the operation of the model became comprehensible. Then, the school students programmed the model and checked its functionality. The operating principles were subsequently transferred to the Wheelie. The final transfer of these operating principles to any other typical technical applications shows the relevance of such control and regulatory processes in the professional and private reality.  

The school students presented the prototype of the Wheelie model to the public on the occasion of the fair "Innovations for understanding - Made in Schleswig-Holstein".

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