The Department of Engineering and its Didactics is absolutely determined to continue and develop the academy as an independent project. From the didactic point of view, the Wheelie is a mechatronic system and is included in the teaching process as a teaching and learning medium. Some general contents that can be reproduced for lessons with the help of the Wheelie have been identified and even implemented by now. However, it has to be underlined that with that said the educational content of the Wheelie has not been exhausted by far. Any content fields not addressed yet and any related learning objectives or competences to be strived for should be determined and didactically prepared. For this purpose, the development of any appropriate teaching methods in connection with instructional media, such as e.g. worksheets, models or experiments, is necessary. The models developed up to now have already aroused great interest by many teachers of the lower and upper secondary level and have already been presented to any other scientists from the field of technical didactics on the occasion of any relevant conferences.  

The student-friendly preparation of contents is part of the Master course that we are currently offering for two semesters and for four semesters in future. Thus, it is useful to connect the didactic research potential offered by the Wheelie with research-oriented teaching sessions of the Master degree course. The objective should be to make various learning opportunities around the Wheelie available and to make them useable for all interested schools. The school students of the region get the opportunity to continue working on well-founded and technically relevant topics with the help of the Wheelie and the courses described and to get to know technology-oriented procedures, as they can also be found in technical professions, such as the engineer´s one, in this process. They will still benefit from an authentic and motivating learning medium by using the Wheelie.  

We plan to extend the long-term integration into regular lessons of a selected partner school to the effect that such offer will apply to all interested schools. In this context, the integration into project days and weeks at schools as well as the development of any extracurricular places of learning which can be visited by arrangement by the schools are possible. Indeed, this can also include some phases during which the teacher independently works on a Wheelie-related topic and then comes to the university for some specific practical phases. In doing so, a significantly larger group of people could benefit from the project. Thus, the "LüttIng.Wheelie" student-technology-academy would get the chance to turn from a selective flagship project into a permanent area-wide project.

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